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林一峰( Chet Lam )



【 Back To The Stars 】【 英文 】【 2010-04-22 】

1.Chasing Sunsets

2.The Last Goodbye (monologue) (提供)



5.Thanks for Setting Me Free

6.Falling Stars (interlude) (提供)

7.Just a Little Longer

8.After the Pain

9.When He Sings

10.From Turkey,With Love (interlude) (提供)

11.Light Up Your Dreams


Back to the Stars: a journey off the beaten tracks, about the various characters in the Little Prince

  Chasing Sunsets: a letter to the prince, and the people who feel for him, 'Are you happy to be sad?'

  The Last Goodbye: monologue about departure

  Trust: what the prince might want to say to the rose, 'I can never love you enough, while you can never trust me enough'. Could be a temporary cure for distant relationships

  Ghosts: all the lost souls in space who have been trapped in their own obsession are just like ghosts, constantly in the cycle of events, repeatedly, unconsciously

  Thanks for Setting Me Free: confession of the rose to the prince after he left, 'thanks for setting me free'

  Just a Little Longer: the most intelligent character in the story, the fox, who understood it all but still let himself go through the emotions; it happens everyday among us, we are all the fox… when we let ourselves love a wrong person

  After the Pain: The Snake. He's just being himself, be attentive to other people's need with no intention of evil acts. Inspired by the great Danish traveler, philosopher, writer, lecturer, ultimate hitchhiker, photographer Jacob Holdt

  When He Sings: the pilot never got over the prince's leaving, this song came along one night he got drunk

  From Turkey , with Love: remember the Turkish astronaut who discovered something new but nobody listened to him because of how he dressed? Now, after all the confusions and pain, came a little celebration: one minute of Turkish folk chanting. Let's be ourselves again

  Light Up Your Dreams: nobody knows what happened after the prince went back to space, but let's assume this is what he wants to tell the pilot when looking down from above