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Dixie Chicks( 狄克西女子合唱团 )【 共收藏 8 张专辑, 184 首歌 】
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世纪典藏(The Essential Dixie Chicks) 英文
1.Not Ready To Make Nice
2.The Long Way Around
3.Easy Silence
4.Lubbock Or Leave It
5.Bitter End
6.Silent House
8.Everybody Knows
9.Long Time Gone
10.Travelin' Soldier
12.Lil' Jack Slade (提供)
13.Truth No. 2
14.White Trash Wedding
15.Top Of The World
16.Ready To Run
17.Cowboy Take Me Away
18.Goodbye Earl
19.Some Days You Gotta Dance
20.Heartbreak Town
21.Sin Wagon
22.Without You
23.Let Him Fly
24.Wide Open Spaces
25.There' s Your Trouble
26.You Were Mine
27.I Can Love You Better
28.Tonight The Heartache' s On Me
29.Give It Up Or Let Me Go
30.I Believe In Love
有志竟成(Taking The Long Way) 英文
1.The Long Way Around
2.Easy Silence
3.Not Ready To Make Nice
4.Everybody Knows
5.Bitter End
7.Lubbock Or Leave It
8.Silent House
9.Favorite Year
10.Voice Inside My Head
11.I Like It
12.Baby Hold On
13.So Hard
14.I Hope
Home 英文
1.Long Time Gone
3.Travelin' Soldier
4.Truth No. 2
5.White Trash Wedding
6.A Home
7.More Love
8.I Believe In Love
9.Tortured, Tangled Hearts
10.Lil' Jack Slade (提供)
11.Godspeed(Sweet Dreams)
12.Top Of The World
Fly 英文
1.Goodbye Earl
2.Heartbreak Town
3.Hole In My Head
4.Cowboy Take Me Away
5.Hello Mr. Heartache
6.Some Days You Gotta Dance
7.If I Fall You're Going Down With Me
8.Cold Day In July
9.Ready To Run
10.Sin Wagon
11.Without You
12.Let Him Fly
13.Don't Waste Your Heart
14.Let 'em Fly
Wide Open Spaces 英文
1.Wide Open Spaces
2.Give It Up or Let Me Go
3.Am I The Only One(Whose Ever Felt This Way)
4.Let 'er Rip
5.There's Your Trouble
6.Tonight the Heartache's On Me
7.You Were Mine
8.I Can Love You Better
9.Never Say Die
10.I'll Take Care of You
11.Loving Arms
12.Once You've Loved Somebody
Top of the World Tour Live 英文
1.Goodbye Earl - Live Version
2.If I Fall You're Going Down with Me - Live Version
3.Mississippi - Live Version
4.Cowboy Take Me Away - Live Version
5.Godspeed (Sweet Dreams) - Live Version
6.Landslide - Live Version
7.Ready to Run - Live Version
8.Wide Open Spaces - Live Version
9.Top of the World - Live Version
10.Truth No. 2 - Live Version
11.A Home - Live Version
12.White Trash Wedding - Live Version
13.Some Days You Gotta Dance - Live Version
14.There's Your Trouble - Live Version
15.Long Time Gone - Live Version
16.Tortured, Tangled Hearts - Live Version
17.Travelin' Soldier - Live Version
18.Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way) - Live Version
19.Hello Mr. Heartache - Live Version
20.Cold Day in July - Live Version
21.Sin Wagon - Live Version
Odds 'N' Ends 英文
1.Star Spangled Banner
2.Christmas Swing
3.Walk Softly on This Heart of Mine
4.Wide Open Spaces (live)
5.There's Your Trouble (live)
6.The Water Is Wide
7.I Believe in Love
暂存 英文
1.Traveling Soldier
2.A Heart That Can
3.A Road Is Just A Road
4.Aunt Mattie's Quilt
5.Boo-Hoo (提供)
6.Bring It On Home To Me
7.Christmas Swing
9.Green River
10.Hallelujah, I Just Love Him So
11.Hey Dixie (I Hear You Calling)
12.I'm Falling Again
13.I've Only Got Myself To Blame
14.I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
15.I Wasn't Looking For You
16.Just A Bit Like Me
17.Little Ol' Cowgirl
18.Long Roads
19.Love Me Like A Man
20.Merry Christmas From The Family
21.One Heart Away
22.Past The Point Of Rescue
23.Pink Toenails
24.Planet Of Love
26.Roly Poly
27.She'll Find Better Things To Do
28.Shouldn't A Told You That
29.Stand By Your Man
30.Standin' By The Bedside
31.Storm Out On The Sea
32.Thank Heavens For Dale Evans
33.The Cowboy Lives Forever
34.The Price I Pay
35.There Goes My Dream
36.The Thrill Is In The Chase
37.This Heart Of Mine
39.Two Of A Kind
40.Walk Softly
41.West Texas Wind
42.Whistles And Bells
43.Who Will Be The Next One
44.You Can't Hurry Love
45.You Send Me
46.Hey Dixie
47.That Lonesome Road
48.There's No Letter Better Than B
49.Am I The Only One
50.Landslide (Sheryl Crow Remix)
51.Sometimes I Wake Up Crying
52.Dixie Chicks- Ready To Run
53.I Hope (Katrina Charity Version)
55.I Beleive In Love
56.Earl Had To Die
57.Landslide (Live)
58.The Neighbor
59.Everbody Knows
60.I can love you better than that
61.if i fall your going down with me
62.Am I the Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way)
63.Too Far From Texas
64.Bloody Mary Morning
65.Sing (feat. Dixie Chicks)
66.I Believe In Love - Live
67.Tortured, Tangled Heart
68.If I Fall
70.Irish Medley
71.The Rainbow Connection
72.The Flip Side
73.Not Ready to Make Nice (album version)
74.Cowboy Take Me Away (Live)

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