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Carver City 英文
Roadrunner Records
1.Hellions On Parade
2....And She Never Returned
3.Rats In The Infirmary
4.Imaginary Threats
5.The Boardwalk Body
6.Plagued By Images
8.Woe Is Me
9.A#1 Roller Rager
10.Old Carver's Bones
11.The Era Of An End
An Answer Can Be Found 英文
1.Suddenly Tragic
2.Way You Lived
3.Dressed In Decay
4.Familiar Realm
5.All Power To Slaves
6.Tripled Manic State
7.Behind The Screams (提供)
8.Deceit Is Striking Gold
9.As The Tables Turn
11.Don't Hold Your Breath
Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild 英文
1.Flesh into Gear
2.Escape From Hellview
3.Sink Into The Underground
4.Attached At The Hip
5.Frenetic Amnesic
6.Shock And Terror
7.Plastic Plan
8.Inhuman Creation Station
9.Sporadic Movement
10.Close Yet Far
Volume 1 英文
1.96 Quite Bitter Beings
2.Rio Bravo
3.Disengage The Simulator
4.The Human Drive In Hi-Fi
5.Lost In A Contraption
6.Knee Deep (提供)
7.My Promiscuous Daughter
8.Sara's Mask
9.To All Of You
10.Rio Bravo Reprise (提供)
11.Halfway House
Volume 2 英文
1.Chinese Freestyle
2.Drunken Freestyle
3.Fat Fuck
5.Santa's Coming
7.We Wish You A Shitty Christmas
8.Eye Of The Tiger
9.Bon Jovi
10.Football Trivia
11.Fairman's Song
12.Nothing You Can Do (提供)
13.Chad's in Hi-Fi
14.Kerry Getz
15.Step to CKY (提供)
16.My Music Bam Bam (提供)
17.Victory (提供)
18.Victory (War Scene) (提供)
19.Foreign Objects #10 (提供)
21.Sucky Christmas (提供)
22.This Is Me Shittin' (提供)
23.Center Starship (提供)
24.I'm Gonna Fuck Your Day Up (提供)
25.Ass Voice
26.Dr. Murdock (提供)
27.Auntie Freeze (提供)
28.Open the Gate! (提供)
29.Echo (提供)
30.Softball (提供)
31.GI Joe
32.Cap'n Crunch (提供)
33.Flooded Basement (提供)
34.Dog Fence (提供)
35.Kung Fu (提供)
36.Teleprompt Message (提供)
37.Jamie's Message (提供)
38.Vacuum (提供)
39.Indiana Jones Copies (提供)
40.Mrs. McConnel (提供)
41.Mythanksgiving (提供)
42.Elissa's Favourite (提供)
43.Barbara Jean's Ass (A Christmas Song)
Foreign Objects: The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors 英文
1.The Undiscovered Numbers And Colors
Vol.1 (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) 英文
1.The Human Drive In Hi-Fi (Live)
2.To All of You
3.96 Quite Bitter Beings
4.Close Yet Far (Live)
5.Disengage the Simulator (Live)
6.Shock and Terror (Live)
7.Lost In a Contraption (Live)
8.Shippensburg (Live)
9.Rio Bravo (Live)
10.Sara's Mask (Live)
11.My Promiscuous Daughter (Live)
12.96 Quite Bitter Beings (Live)
13.Flesh Into Gear (Live)
14.Disengage the Simulator
The Phoenix 英文
1.Head For a Breakdown
2.Unknown Enemy
3.The Other Ones
4.Wiping Off the Dead
5.Lies from You
6.Better Than Get Even
7.Days of Self Destruction
Disengage the Simulator - EP (Bonus Tracks) 英文
1.Inhuman Creation Station (Live)
2.Attached at the Hip (Live)
3.Escape From Hellview (Live)
4.Tripled Manic State (Live)
5.Sink into the Underground (Live)
6.Sporadic Movement (Live)
7.Disengage the Simulator
B-Sides & Rarities 英文
1.Don't Hold Your Breath (Acoustic)
2.Inhuman Creation Station (demo)
3.Tripled Manic State (radio session)
4.Rio Bravo (Radio Session)
5.Halfway House (Original Version)
6.Deepest Depths
7.To All of You (Acoustic)
8.Halfway House
96 Quite Bitter Beings (Remastered) 英文
1.Dressed In Decay (Live)
2.All Power to Slaves (Live)
3.To All of You (Live)
4.96 Quite Bitter Beings
Foreign Objects: Universal Culture Shock 英文
1.Big Boy2.Test It Out
CKY, Volume 2 Disc 1 英文
Afterworld (Single) 英文
1.Afterworld2.Disengage The Simulator
暂存 英文
1.Doubled Up On Trauma
2.Stripped Your Speech
3.Mustard Man
4.Sinking Fast(Flesh Into Gear)
5.Brans Freestyle
6.Destination Undefined
7.Far Cry Behind
8.The Other Side Of The End Of The Universe
10.Woof Woof Woof
11.Skeletor Vs. Beastman
12.96 Quite Bitter Beings (2010 Remaster)
13.Flesh Into Gear (Demo)
14.96 Quite Bitter Beings (LP Version)
15.Afterworld - Edited
16.Familiar Realm (radio edit)

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