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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Anouk( 阿努克 )
Anouk( 阿努克 )【 共收藏 19 张专辑, 228 首歌 】
Anouk Teeuwe(荷兰语发音:[aːnukteːuʋə]; 1975年4月8日出生),由Anouk的专业人士知名,是荷兰创作歌手兼唱片制作人。 在1997年她凭借单曲“Nobody's Wife”获得突破之后,她在荷兰和比利时的排行榜上有过很多热门单曲,比如“RU Kiddin'Me”,“Michel”,“Girl”,“Lost”,“Modern World” ,“连续三天”和“女人”。

迄今为止,Anouk已经发行了11张录音室专辑,最近的一张专辑是2016年10月21日发行的Fake It Till We Die。她代表荷兰参加2013年在瑞典马尔默举行的欧洲歌唱大赛,歌曲“Birds”。 她的歌曲进入了决赛 - 自2004年以来的第一次为荷兰; 并以114分获得第9名。
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Queen For A Day 英文
1.Run Away Together
2.Not A Lovesong (提供)
3.New Day
4.If I Knew (提供)
5.Dirty Girl
6.Be My Baby (提供)
7.Wanna Little Something
8.Keeps Getting Better (提供)
9.Castles In The Air (提供)
10.We Are (提供)
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Nobody's Wife
2.It's So Hard
4.I Don't Wanna Hurt
5.I'm A Cliche
7.You & I
8.Places To Go
9.Hold Me (Met Douwe Bob) (提供)
10.New Day
Live At Symphonica In Rosso 英文
1.The Rules(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
2.The Good Life(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
3.Are You Lonely(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
4.Kill(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
5.Birds(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
6.Down & Dirty(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
7.Woman(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
8.Modern World(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
9.I Won't Play That Game(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
10.One Word(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
11.I'm A Cliche(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
12.For Bitter Or Worse(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
13.Pretending As Always(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
14.Three Days In A Row(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
15.If I Go(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
16.Girl(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
17.Michel(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
18.Nothing At All(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) (提供)
19.Wigger(Live At Symphonica In Rosso) (提供)
20.Lost(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
21.Killer Bee(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
22.Nobody's Wife(Live At Symphonica In Rosso)
You & I 英文
1.You & I
Sad Singalong Songs 英文
1.The Rules
2.Pretending As Always
4.The Good Life
5.Are You Lonely
7.Only A Mother
9.I Don't Know Nothing
10.The Black Side Of My Mind
For Bitter Or Worse 英文
1.Three Days In A Row
2.In This World
4.Lay It Down
5.8 Years
6.My Shoes
7.Walk To The Bay
9.Hold On
11.Faith In My Moon
12.For Bitter Or Worse
Who's Your Momma 英文
1.If I Go
2.Might As Well
3.Make It Rain
4.Modern World
5.I Don't Wanna Hurt
6.Good God
7.The Difference
8.Whatever You Say
9.Ball And Chain
11.If You Were Mine
13.With You
Lost Tracks 英文
1.Redemption2.Break Down The Wall
Graduated Fool 英文
1.Too Long
4.Who Cares
5.Graduated Fool
6.Stop Thinking
7.No Time To Waste
9.Margarita Chum
10.I Live For You
11.Bigger Side
Together Alone 英文
1.Nobody's Wife
2.Pictures On Your Skin
3.Mood Indigo
4.Fluid Conduction
5.Together Alone
6.My Life
8.It's A Shame
9.It's So Hard
10.The Other Side Of Me
11.Time Is A Jailer
Urban Solitude 英文
1.Body Brain
4.In The Sand
5.It Wasn't Me
7.My Best Wasn't Good Enough
8.My Friend
9.R U Kiddin' Me?
10.The Dark
11.Tom Waits
12.Urban Solitude
13.U Being U
Update 英文
1.It Wasn't Me (Live At Oosterpoort)
2.Hail (Live At Pinkpop)
3.Searching (Live Denk Aan Henk)
4.Losing My Religion (Live At Oosterpoort)
5.Michel (Live At Pinkpop)
To Get Her Together 英文
1.To Get Her Together
2.Killer Bee
3.Ms. Crazy
4.What Have You Done
5.Save Me
6.Any Younger
7.I'm A Cliche
8.Down & Dirty
9.Little Did I Know
10.Better Off Alone
11.Been Here Before
To Get Her Together (Including Live At Toomler) 英文
1.To Get Her Together
2.Jerusalem (Live At Toomler)
3.Better Off Alone (Live At Toomler)
4.Been Here Before (Live At Toomler)
5.Down & Dirty (Live At Toomler)
6.What Have You Done (Live At Toomler)
7.Killer Bee (Live At Toomler)
8.Ms. Crazy (Live At Toomler)
9.Little Did I Know
10.Any Younger
11.Save Me
12.Modern World (Live At Toomler)
Paradise and Back Again 英文
1.Feet on the Ground
2.Smile & Shine
4.Some of Us
5.Last Goodbye
6.Looking For Love
7.Don't Wipe Us Out
9.She Is Beautiful
10.Cold Blackhearted Golddiggers
11.Wish He Could See It All
One Word 英文
1.One Word - Live and Acoustic
2.Jerusalem (Live and Acoustic 2005)
3.Alright (Live and Acoustic 2005)
4.Lost (Live and Acoustic 2005)
5.Falling Sun (Live and Acoustic 2005)
6.Girl (Live and Acoustic 2005)
7.Nobody's Wife (Live and Acoustic 2005)
Live at Gelredome 英文
1.I Don't Wanna Hurt
2.Lost (Live At Gelredome)
3.Sacrifice (Live At Gelredome)
4.Ball and Chain (Live At Gelredome)
5.Might As Well (Live At Gelredome)
6.Everything (Live At Gelredome)
7.If You Were Mine (Live At Gelredome)
8.One Word (Live At Gelredome)
9.Jerusalem (Live At Gelredome)
10.If I Go (Live At Gelredome)
11.Nobody's Wife (Live At Gelredome)
12.Good God (Live At Gelredome)
13.More Than You Deserve (Live At Gelredome)
14.It's So Hard (Live At Gelredome)
15.The Dark (Live At Gelredome)
16.Make It Rain (Live At Gelredome)
17.Modern World (Live At Gelredome)
18.Michel (Live At Gelredome)
19.Whatever You Say (Live At Gelredome)
20.The Difference (Live At Gelredome)
21.Girl (Live At Gelredome)
22.R U Kiddin' Me (Live At Gelredome)
23.Alright (Live At Gelredome)
24.Our Own Love (Live At Gelredome)
25.I Don't Wanna Hurt (Live At Gelredome)
26.Graduated Fool (Live At Gelredome)
27.Nobody's Wife
Hotel New York 英文
3.I Spy
暂存 英文
2.Break Out The Wall
3.Home Is In My Head
4.I Alone
5.Last Time
7.Lovin' Whiskey
9.Our Own Love
10.Falling Sun
11.Anouk's Blues
12.Between These Walls
13.Losing My Religion (Live)
14.Hail (Live)
15.One World
16.Who Cares (Acoustic Version)
17.Fading (Acoustic)
18.It Wasn't Me (Live)
19.Heaven Knows
21.One Word
22.More Than You Deserve
23.Be Like That (What Would I Do?)
24.Dance With You
26.R U Kidding
27.The Netherlands: Birds
28.Modern World (live)
29.Birds (radio edit)
30.If I Go (Single Version)
31.Good God (The Anonymous Remix)
32.Over En Uit
33.Birds (Eurovision 2013 - The Netherlands)
34.Margarita Chum (acoustic version)
35.Only You

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