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Scooter( 兜风少年组 )【 共收藏 26 张专辑, 417 首歌 】
Scooter是在德国汉堡成立的德国舞蹈团队,已售出3000多万张唱片,并获得80多项金牌和白金奖。 踏板车被认为是最成功的德国单曲行为,获得23次十大热门单曲。 该小组目前由H.P.成员组成。 Baxxter,菲尔Speiser和迈克尔西蒙。

在他们比较知名的歌曲中,有“Hyper Hyper”,“移动你的屁股!”,“鱼有多少?”,“Ramp!(逻辑歌曲)”,“Nessaja”,“周末”,“Maria 我喜欢它)“和”问题是什么问题?“。
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ACE 英文
1.Ace (提供)
3.Mary Got No Lamb
7.Don't Break the Silence
8.The Birdwatcher
9.What You're Waiting For
11.Opium (提供)
13.Wolga (提供)
T5C 英文
1.T5C (提供)
2.Who's That Rave ?
3.Today(feat. Vassy)
4.We Got The Sound
5.Radiate(feat. Vassy)
6.999(Call The Police)
7.King Of The Land
8.Bigroom Blitz
9.Chopstick(Mado Kara Mieru)
10.Home Again
11.Fuck Forever
13.T. O. O.
15.Can't Stop The Hardcore
17.In Need (提供)
18.How Much Is The Fish ?(Tony Junior Remix)
19.Maria(I Like It Loud)(R.I.O. Remix)
20.Move Your Ass !(Stefan Dabruck Remix)
21.Army Of Hardcore(BMG Remix)
22.Friends(NRG Remix)
23.Jigga Jigga !(Dave202 Remix)
24.I'm Lonely(Kindervater Remix)
25.Posse(I Need You On The Floor)(Amfree Remix)
26.Fire(Laserkraft 3D Remix)
27.Shake That !(Barany Attila / DJ Dominique Remix)
The Fifth Chapter 英文
1.T5c (提供)
2.Who's That Rave? (提供)
4.We Got the Sound
5.Radiate (提供)
6.999 (Call the Police) (提供)
7.King of the Land
8.Bigroom Blitz
9.Chopstick (Mado Kara Mieru) (提供)
10.Home Again
11.Fuck Forever
13.T.O.O. (提供)
15.Can't Stop the Hardcore
17.In Need (提供)
Wicked ! 英文
1.Wicked Introduction (提供)
2.I'm Raving
3.We Take You Higher
4.Awakening (提供)
5.When I Was A Young Boy
6.Coldwater Canyon (提供)
7.Scooter Del Mar
8.Zebras Crossing The Street
9.Don't Let It Be Me
10.The First Time
11.Break It Up
Whos Got The Last Laugh Now 英文
1.Lights Out
2.Hello !(Good To Be Back)
3.Privileged To Witness
4.Rock Bottom
5.The Leading Horse
6.Take Me Baby
8.See Me, Feel Me
9.Unity Without Words Pt. 3 (提供)
10.Everlasting Love
11.Seven Bridges
12.Mesmerized (提供)
The Ultimate Aural Orgasm 英文
1.Horny In Jericho (提供)
2.Behind The Cow
3.Does The Fish Have Chips
4.The United Vibe
5.Lass Uns Tanzen
6.U. F. O. Phenomena
7.Ratty's Revenge
8.The Shit That Killed Elvis
9.Imaginary Battle
10.Scarborough Affair
11.East Sands Anthem
12.Love Is An Ocean (提供)
Our Happy Hardcore 英文
1.Let Me Be Your Valentine
2.Stuttgard (提供)
3.Rebel Yell
4.Last Minute (提供)
5.Our Happy Hardcore
6.Expirience (提供)
7.This Is A Monstertune
8.Back In The UK
9.Hysteria (提供)
10.Crank It Up (提供)
And The Beat Goes On ! 英文
1.Different Reality (提供)
2.Move Your Ass !
3.Waiting For Spring (提供)
4.Endless Summer
6.Rhapsody In E (提供)
7.Hyper Hyper
8.Raving In Mexico (提供)
9.Beautiful Vibes (提供)
11.Faster Harder Scooter
Music for a Big Night Out 英文
1.Full Moon (提供)
2.I Wish I Was
3.Black Betty
4.Too Much Silence
5.Last Hippie Standing (提供)
6.I'm A Raver, Baby
7.Army Of Hardcore
8.4 AM
9.No Way To Hide
10.What Time Is Love?
11.Overdose (Frazy)
12.Talk About Your Life
The Big Mash Up 英文
1.C.I.F.L. (提供)
2.David Doesn't Eat
4.Beyond The Invisible
5.Sugary Dip
6.It's A Biz
7.C'est Bleu
8.8:15 To Nowhere (提供)
9.Close Your Eyes
10.The Only One
11.Sex And Drugs And Rock 'N' Roll
13.Bang Bang Club (提供)
14.Summer Dream
15.Mashuaia (提供)
16.Friends Turbo
Under The Radar Over The Top 英文
2.J'adore Hardcore
3.Ti Sento
4.State Of Mind
5.Where The Beats...
6.Bit A Bad Boy
7.The Sound Above My Hair
8.See Your Smile
9.Clic Clac (提供)
10.Second Skin
11.Stuck On Replay
12.Metropolis (提供)
13.Take Me Baby
14.Frequent Traveller (提供)
15.Lass Uns Tanzen
16.Stripped (Live)
17.Am Fenster
18.Marian (Version)
Rough And Tough And Dangerous 英文
1.No Fate
Age Of Love 英文
1.Age Of Love
2.Dancing In The Moonlight
4.Hit The Drum
5.Leave In Silence
6.She Said
We Bring the Noise! 英文
1.R U ☺? (提供)
2.Posse (I Need You on the Floor) (N-trance remix)
3.We Bring the Noise! (live in Cologne)
4.Aiii Shot the DJ (live in Cologne)
The Ultimate Aural Orgasm - 20 Years of Hardcore 英文
1.Does the Fish Have Chips? (Remastered)
2.The United Vibe (Remastered)
3.Ratty's Revenge (Remastered)
4.The Shit That Killed Elvis (Remastered)
5.Imaginary Battle (Remastered)
6.Scarborough Affair (Remastered)
7.East Sands Anthem (Remastered)
8.Behind the Cow (Spencer & Hill Bigroom Mix) [Remastered]
The Stadium Techno Experience 英文
1.Like Hypa Said
Sheffield 英文
1.MC's Missing
Scooter 英文
1.I'm Lonely
No Time To Chill 英文
1.Don't Stop (提供)
Money Habbits 英文
2.Truck Loads
4.Nothing Important Than Money
Mind the Gap - 20 Years of Hardcore 英文
1.Killer Bees (Remastered)
2.One (Always Hardcore) [Club Mix] [Remastered]
3.Shake That! (Klubbheads Grossraum Mix) [Remastered]
4.Jigga Jigga! (Clubstar's Sunlight Mix) [Remastered]
5.The Avenger's Back (Remastered)
6.The Chaser (Remastered)
7.Stripped (Remastered)
8.Panties Wanted (Remastered)
9.All I Wanna Do (Remastered)
10.My Eyes Are Dry (Remastered)
11.Suavemente (Club Mix) [Remastered]
Mind The Gap 英文
1.The Chaser2.All I Wanna Do
Live in Hamburg 英文
1.Endless Summer / Hyper Hyper / Move Your Ass (Live)
3.Nessaja (Live)
4.Maria (I Like It Loud) [Live]
5.Ti Sento (Live)
6.One (Always Hardcore) [Live]
7.Bit a Bad Boy (Live)
8.Fuck the Millenium / Call Me Manana (Live)
9.Second Skin (Live)
10.The Question Is What Is the Question? (Live)
11.Jumping All Over the World (Live)
12.Stuck On Replay - 12 Ultimate Hockey Hits (Live)
13.The Sound Above My Hair (Live)
14.Intro / J'adore Hardcore (Live)
15.Posse (I Need You On the Floor) [Live]
16.Ti sento
Live - Selected Songs Of The 10th Anniversary Concert At Docks 英文
1.Maria (I Like It Loud) (Live @ Docks 2004)
2.Jigga Jigga! (Live @ Docks 2004)
3.Nessaja (Live @ Docks 2004)
4.How Much Is The Fish? (Live @ Docks 2004)
5.Break It Up (Live @ Docks 2004)
6.Faster Harder Scooter (Live @ Docks 2004)
7.Let Me Be Your Valentine (Live @ Docks 2004)
8.Friends (Live @ Docks 2004)
9.Weekend! (Live @ Docks 2004)
10.Hyper Hyper (Live @ Docks 2004)
暂存1 英文
1.Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
2.The Age Of Love
3.Call Me Manana
4.Don't Gimme The Funk
5.Expecting More From Ratty
6.Eyes Without a Face
7.Fuck The Millenium
8.Hands Up !
9.How Much Is the Fish
10.I'll Put You On The Guestlist
11.I'm Your Pusher
12.I Was Made for Lovin' You
14.Never Slow Down
16.Sex Dwarf
17.She's The Sun
18.Summer Wine
19.The Learning Process
20.The Revolution
21.We Are The Greatest
22.The Logical Song
23.The Night
25.Acid Bomb
26.Aiii Shot the DJ
27.The Logical Song (Jay Frog Mix)
28.Habanera (Big Room Mix)
29.Fuck the Millenium (single version)
30.Ramp! (The Logical Song)
31.Well Done Peter (提供)
33.Watch Out (提供)
35.Space Cowboy (提供)
36.Shake That!
37.Ignition (提供)
38.Forever Young
39.Back In Ireland
41.Jigga Jigga! [Clubmix]
42.I Was Made for Lovin' You Baby
43.Ramp! (The Logical Song) [The Original Club Mix]
44.Weekend! (Extended)
45.Back in the U.K.
46.F**k The Millenium
47.Weekend! (Radio Edit)
48.Jigga Jigga! (Radio Edit)
49.Sunrise (Ratty's Inferno)
51.Endless Summer (Radio Edit)
52.Aiii Shot the DJ (Radio Version)
53.Shake That! (Radio Edit)
54.Maria (I Like It Loud)
55.She's The Sun (Extended)
56.Introduction (提供)
57.I'll Put You On The Guest List
58.Don't Waste No Time
59.One (Always Hardcore)
60.My Eyes Are Dry
61.Burn The House
62.I Shot The DJ
63.Hands Up!
65.Jumping All Over The World
66.So What' Cha Want
67.Take A Break
68.Down to the Bone
69.We Bring the Noise
71.Last warning (提供)
72.Loud and Clear
73.Stuttgart (提供)
74.Experience (提供)
75.Mary Got No Lamb (Single Edit)
76.Jumping All Over The World - Radio
77.4 AM - Radio Version
78.Army Of Hardcore - Extended Club Mix
79.J'Adore Hardcore - C16 Edit
80.Radiate - Spy Version
81.Oi (Extended Mix)
82.Jump With Me
83.Today (Scooter and Vassy)
84.Radiate (Scooter and Vassy)
85.Bigroom Blitz (Laurent H Extended)
86.Jumping All Over the World (Sharkey & K-Complex remix)
87.Posse (I Need You on the Floor) (Weaver remix)
88.Maria (I Like It Loud) [R.I.O. Remix 2]
89.I Was Made for Lovin' You (single version)
90.Posse (I Need on Your Floor) (live)
91.Ramp! (The Logical Song) (original club mix)
92.Faster Harder Scooter (full lenght)
93.Fuck the Millennium (live in Hamburg)
94.4 AM (Radio Edit)
95.Fuck the Millennium (Live in Cologne)
96.The Logical Song - The Club Mix
97.Nessaja (The Ultimate Club Mix)
98.Nessaja - Breeze Mix
暂存 英文
1.No Pain, No Gain (Album Mix)
2.Privileged to Witness (Remastered)
3.Apache Rocks the Bottom! (Flip & Fill Remix) [Remastered]
4.Apache (Remastered)
5.The Leading Horse (Remastered)
6.Dreams (Remastered)
7.It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) [Club Mix] [Remastered]
8.David Doesn't Eat (Eric Chase Remix) [Remastered]
9.Friends Turbo (The Drum 'n' Bass Mix) [Remastered]
10.Summer Dream (Remastered)
11.Close Your Eyes (Remastered)
12.Sugary Dip (Remastered)
13.Beyond the Invisible (Remastered)
14.Where the Beats... (Remastered)
15.State of Mind (Remastered)
16.The Definition (Remastered)
17.And No Matches ('Fresh Off the Plane' Club Mix) [Remastered]
18.The Fish Is Jumping (Remastered)
19.Lighten Up the Sky (Remastered)
20.Neverending Story (Remastered)
21.Jumping All Over the World (The Jaques Renault Club Mix)
22.The Question Is What Is the Question? (Alex K Remix)
23.No Fate (Remastered)
24.The Age of Love (Remastered)
25.We Are the Greatest (Remastered)
26.I'm Raving (Remastered)
27.Aiii Shot the DJ (Remastered)
28.4 AM (Remastered)
29.Hyper Hyper (Remastered)
30.The Only One (Remastered)
31.Weekend! (Remastered)
32.Move Your Ass! (Remastered)
33.How Much Is the Fish? (Remastered)
34.I'm Lonely (Remastered)
35.Fire (Remastered)
36.The Night (Remastered)
37.Endless Summer (Remastered)
38.Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) [Remastered]
39.Jigga Jigga! (Remastered)
40.Acid Bomb (Remastered)
41.Burn the House (Remastered)
42.So What'Cha Want (Remastered)
43.The Revolution (Remastered)
44.Kashmir (Remastered)
45.Psycho (Remastered)
46.Wicked Introduction (Remastered)
47.When I Was a Young Boy (Remastered)
48.Hello (radio edit)
49.I'm Your Pusher (extended mix)
50.Back in Ireland (Long Version) (Remastered)
51.The Question What Is The Question (Radio Edit)
52.David Doesn't Eat (Eric Chase edit)
53.Army of Hardcore (Radio Edit)
54.Friends Turbo (Movie version)
55.The Only One (radio edit)
56.David Doesn't Eat (Eric Chase Remix)
57.Hello! (Good to Be Back) (club mix)
58.Panties Wanted
59.Move Your Ass! (Ultra Sonic remix)
60.Behind the Cow (Spencer & Hill dub mix)
61.Stripped (Orchestral Version)
62.Endless Summer (Microwave Prince remix)
63.The Night (LMC mix)
64.Back in the U.K. (Double M's Bassss mix)
65.Bigroom Blitz (Radio Mix)
66.Summer Wine (Remastered)
67.Down to the Bone (Remastered)
68.Sex Dwarf (Remastered)
69.Sunrise (Ratty's Inferno) [Remastered]
70.Take a Break (Remastered)
71.Loud and Clear (Remastered)
72.Pulstar (Remastered)
73.Swinging in the Jungle (Remastered)
74.Like Hypa Said (Remastered)
75.Liquid Is Liquid (Remastered)
76.A Little Bit Too Fast (Remastered)
77.Hello! (Good to Be Back) (radio edit)
78.And No Matches ('Fresh Off the Plane' club mix)
79.Shake That! (Steve Murano Remix)
81.The Question Is What Is the Question
82.Weekend! (DTS version)
83.Bora! Bora! Bora!
84.No Fate (full length)
85.Behind the Cow (feat. Fatman Scoop)
86.AII Shot the DJ
87.Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want)
88.Move Your Ass (video edit)
89.Logical Song
90.Bigroom Blitz - Extended Mix (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
91.Jump That Rock
92.Jumping All Over the World (album version)
93.And No Matches (radio mix)

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