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Young Buck( ヤング・バック )【 共收藏 23 张专辑, 257 首歌 】
大卫·达内尔·布朗(David Darnell Brown)(1981年3月15日出生),最著名的是他的舞台名称杨·巴克,是一名美国说唱歌手。巴克是嘻哈组UTP Playas的前成员。作为音乐行政人员,他出任自己的唱片公司Ca $ hville Records,目前是嘻哈组G-Unit的成员。在2008年被解雇后,巴克与其前任集团成员在2014年6月1日与Hot 97的夏季卡车事件重新团聚。
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Before The Beast 英文
1.Life Feat. Tony Yayo & Kidd Kidd
2.Count Me Out
3.Been Dat Nigga (提供)
4.Pull Up Feat. Lil Boosie & Cap 1 (提供)
5.Ain't Gone Fool Me Feat. Trae Tha Truth (提供)
6.Push (提供)
7.Exclusive Feat. Lloyd Banks, Yo Gotti & Lil Reese (提供)
10 Pints 英文
1.Ten Pints (提供)
2.Another Bird
3.OK (提供)
4.No More (提供)
5.Myself ft Jadakiss (提供)
6.Dirty (提供)
7.Geeked (提供)
8.Pop A Band (提供)
9.Push Da Line feat Lito & Don Trip (提供)
10.Lie Detector Test feat Shy Glizzy & Icewear Vezzo (提供)
10 Bullets 英文
1.Always Stay Strap'd
2.Lean and Molly
3.Not This Time
4.Lemme See It
5.Dope Boy
6.4 Hoes and an Ounce
8.Like I Love Her
9.Craccin and Poppin
10.Since Way Back
10 Bricks 英文
1.Flex (提供)
2.Refill (提供)
3.Proud of You
4.Timeout (提供)
5.Move Around
6.Not Comin' Home (提供)
7.Don't Come Around (提供)
8.All Night (提供)
9.I'm Workin' (提供)
10.Get Ya Money Right (提供)
Live Loyal, Die Rich 英文
1.2nd Chance
2.Shit Head
3.Somethings Got Me On It
4.Go Loco
5.No Place For Me
6.Money In The Walls
7.Drug Related
8.Death Of Me (提供)
9.Touch The Ceilings
11.Car Clowdy
12.Think They Know
14.Hate On Me (提供)
15.No Smiles (提供)
16.Touchdown (提供)
17.21 & Up (提供)
18.Get It All
20.I'm Ready (提供)
Rehab 英文
1.The Blues
2.Reality Check (提供)
3.Smoke Our Life Away
4.Hood Documentary (提供)
5.Statistics (提供)
6.Tha Streetz (提供)
7.The Bust (提供)
8.This Is Mine (提供)
9.When The Rain Stops
10.Ya Betta Know It
11.Keep It Moving
12.Not Killing Me (提供)
Chronic 2006 英文
Case Dismissed 英文
1.Where The Haters At?
Buck The World 英文
1.Lose My Mind
2.I Know You Want Me [Explicit]
3.4 Kings [Explicit]
4.Clean Up Man
5.Haters [Explicit]
6.Pocket Full Of Paper [Explicit]
7.Hold On [Explicit]
8.Slow Ya Roll [Explicit]
9.Buck The World [Explicit]
10.Push Em Back
11.Puff Puff Pass [Explicit]
12.Say It To My Face [Explicit]
13.Buss Yo' Head
14.I Ain't Fucking Wit U! [Explicit]
15.Get Buck
16.U Ain't Goin' Nowhere [Explicit]
17.Money Good
18.When The Rain Stops (Single)
T.I.P. 英文
1.Get Your Murder On
2.All My Life
3.Blood In Blood Out
4.Thug In The Club
5.Caught In The Wind
6.Crime Pays
7.Penny Pinching
8.All About Money
9.Cant Keep Livin
10.Hard Hitters
11.Dickie Fits
12.Purse First
13.Thugged Out
Straight Outta Cashville 英文
1.Let Me In
2.Shorty Wanna Ride
3.Walk With Me
4.Do It Like Me
5.Black Gloves
6.Thou Shall
7.Welcome to the South
9.Prices On My Head
10.Taking Hits
11.I'm a Soldier
12.Bonafide Hustler
13.Bang Bang
14.Look At Me Now
Young Buck Unlimited 英文
1.I'm Taxin
2.United Snakes of America
When The Rain Stops (Single) 英文
1.When The Rain Stops (Single)
Welcome to the Hood 英文
1.Cloud 9
2.My Life
3.You Know How I Get
4.Got 5 On It
Touch the Ceiling 英文
1.Body Bag
2.Forever Scoob
3.Somethings Got Me On It
4.Money n da Wall
The Taped Conversation 英文
1.The Taped Conversation
2.Riding Down the Freeway
3.I Like the Way She Do It
The Clean Up Man: G-Unit Radio 24 英文
1.Let It Go
Rumors 英文
1.I Ain't Fucking Wit U
2.I Ain't Fuckin Wit U (alternative version)
3.New York City
4.Gone in the Morning
5.Hit 'em Up
Get Buck Bitch 英文
1.Stupid Money (提供)
2.Swag On Em
3.My Whole Life
4.Taped Conversation
5.Laugh Now Cry Later
Get Buck - The Official Mixtape 英文
1.Slow Ya Roll
2.Dead or Alive
3.Blow Some Weed
4.Live At All-Star Weekend
Free Young Buck 英文
1.Pussy Bill
2.Kill Sumn
3.So Gone
4.Front Seat
5.Compare Me
6.Peep Hole - Interlude
7.To Be Continued
暂存1 英文
2.Eye of a Soldier
3.Court Date
4.Bonafide Hustler Ft. 50 Cent & Tony Yayo
5.Money Good [Explicit]
6.Buss Yo' Head [Clean]
7.Get Buck [Clean]
8.Money Good [Clean]
9.I Ain't F******* Wit U!
10.Walk With Me (Ft. Stat Qou)
11.Let Me In Ft. 50 Cent
12.Can't Keep Livin
13.Buss Yo' Head [Explicit]
14.Get Buck [Explicit]
15.I'm A Soldier Ft.50 Cent
16.Funeral Music [Clean]
17.Funeral Music
18.Terminate On Sight (G-Unit Diss)
19.Came Back
20.Happy New Year [G-Unit Diss]
21.Pullin' Me Back
22.Drivin Down The Freeway
23.Clean Up Man [Explicit]
24.Push 'Em Back [Explicit]
25.Clean Up Man [Clean]
26.Don't Need No Help
27.Push 'Em Back [Clean]
28.Im A Soldier Ft. 50 Cent
29.Cant Catch Me
31.Game Over (Remix)
32.Say It To My Face [Clean]
33.Haters [Clean]
34.I Know You Want Me [Clean]
35.Slow Ya Roll [Clean]
36.Hold On [Clean]
37.I Ain't F****** Wit U! [Clean]
38.Puff Puff Pass [Clean]
39.U Ain't Goin' Nowhere [Clean]
40.Buck The World [Clean]
41.4 Kings [Clean]
42.Pocket Full Of Paper [Clean]
43.I Know You Want Me
44.4 Kings
46.Pocket Full Of Paper
47.Hold On
48.Two Bricks
49.Buck The World
50.Puff Puff Pass
51.Say It To My Face
52.I Ain't Fucking Wit U!
53.U Ain't Goin' Nowhere
54.Walk Thru (Remix)
56.I'm A Soldier - Album Version (Edited)
57.Stomp - Album Version (Edited)
58.Black Gloves - Album Version (Edited)
59.Thou Shall - Album Version (Edited)
60.Bang Bang - Album Version (Edited)
61.Shorty Wanna Ride - Album Version (Edited)
62.Bonafide Hustler - Album Version (Edited)
63.Prices On My Head - Album Version (Edited)
64.Welcome To The South - Album Version (Edited)
65.Look At Me Now - Album Version (Edited)
66.Let Me In - Album Version (Edited)
67.Do It Like Me - Album Version (Edited)
68.Walk With Me - Album Version (Edited)
69.Do It Myself - Album Version (Edited)
70.Lose My Mind/Funeral Music - Album Version (Edited)
71.Push Em Back - Album Version (Edited)
72.Buss Yo' Head - Album Version (Edited)
73.Money Good - Album Version (Edited)
74.Clean Up Man - Album Version (Edited)
75.Don't Need No Help - Album Version (Edited)
77.Stop Playing With Me
78.Bring My Bottles
79.Happy New Year
81.Throw It
82.Died and Came Back
83.Get High
84.Fuck You
85.If I Have To
86.My Interview
87.Kill Me a Nigga
88.The Strip Club
89.Money Made Me Crazy
90.Done Wit Y'all
91.It's Not OK
92.No More Games
93.Violate My Probation
94.High Speed Chase (Skit)
95.Runnin That Check Up
96.Aint Going Nowhere
97.All Eyes On Me
98.It Ain't a Problem
99.Dope Game
暂存 英文
1.Man Down
2.Hold On - Album Version (Edited)
3.Cashville Solid
4.Do It Myself

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