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Wade Bowen( 韦德鲍文 )【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 104 首歌 】
Wade Bowen是来自德克萨斯州韦科的美国德克萨斯州乡村/红土歌手。

Bowen是West 84乐队的成员,与朋友Matt Miller一起成员,直到2001年他离开乐队去追求独唱生涯。他于2002年发行了他的第一张专辑“Try Not To Listen”,该专辑在德克萨斯州成为一个地区性的热门歌曲。他于2003年发行了他的第一张现场专辑,随后是2006年的工作室专辑Lost Hotel和2008年的If We Ever Make It Home。 2009年11月21日,Bowen在Fort Worth的Billy Bob's Texas录制了他的第二张现场专辑。该专辑于2010年4月27日以CD / DVD组合形式发行。

Bowen于2010年发行了他的第四张录音室专辑The Given。这是他第一次在一个主要唱片公司,索尼烙印BNA唱片公司,尽管他在BNA关闭后回归独立发行音乐。他在2014年发行了一张同名的录音室专辑,随后在2015年与Randy Rogers乐队的歌手Randy Rogers合作发行了二重唱专辑,名为Hold My Beer Vol。 1. Bowen的下一张专辑是Then Sings My Soul:Songs for My Mother,一首独奏福音影响了工作室的发行。
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Wade Bowen 英文
1.When I Woke Up Today
2.Honky Tonk Road
3.Welcome Mat
4.Sweet Leona
5.Long Enough To Be A Memory
6.When It's Reckless
7.West Texas Rain
9.Watch Her Drive
10.My California
11.Sun Shines On A Dreamer
12.I'm Gonna Go
The Given 英文
1.All That's Left
2.Saturday Night
3.A Battle Won
4.Patch Of Bad Weather
5.On My Way To Wonderful
6.Say Anything
7.You Ain't Got Me
8.Beat Me Down
9.To Live Is To Fly
10.Before These Walls Were Blue
If We Ever Make It Home 英文
1.You Had Me At My Best
2.Turn On The Lights
4.Into The Arms Of You
5.If We Ever Make It Home
6.Daddy And The Devil
Live At The Blue Light 英文
1.Get Away
2.Tired Of Being Alone
3.Try Not To Listen
4.Why Can't You Love Me
5.Starting Right Now
7.Keep Hangin' On
8.Mystery Of A Woman
9.Walkin' Shoes
10.Who I Am
11.Doug's Song
12.Not Finished Yet
13.Just For Fun
Try Not To Listen 英文
1.In My Soul
2.Prove It To You
3.Why Can't You Love Me?
4.Things I Could Do
5.Good Time Tonight
6.Please Come To Boston
7.Man Out Of Myself
8.I Wonder
Then Sings My Soul... Songs for My Mother 英文
1.Amazing Grace
3.Old Rugged Cross
4.Precious Memories
5.Peace in the Valley
6.Farther Along
7.How Great Thou Art
8.In the Garden
9.Just over in the Glory Land
10.Softly and Tenderly
11.I'll Fly Away
12.Take My Hand Precious Lord
Lost Hotel 英文
1.Broken Reflection
2.Lost Control Of My Heart
3.Crazy Enough
5.It's All Over Town
6.Lost Hotel
7.Lay It All On You
8.Perfect Silence
10.Walkin' Along The Fenceline
11.One Step Closer
12.God Bless This Town
13.Mood Ring
Live At Billy Bob's Texas: Wade Bowen 英文
1.You Had Me At My Best (Live)
2.Bottle Into Gold (Studio Bonus Track)
3.Who I Am (Live) (提供)
4.Keep Hangin' On (Live) (提供)
5.Ghost In This Town (Live)
6.Resurrection (Live) (提供)
7.Mood Ring (Live)
8.Please Come to Boston (Live)
9.God Bless This Town (Live)
10.Turn On the Lights (Live) (提供)
11.Walkin' Along the Fenceline (Live)
12.Nobody's Fool (Live)
13.If We Ever Make It Home (Live)
14.Daddy and the Devil (Live)
15.Not Finished Yet (Live)
16.Lay It All On You (Live)
17.Trouble (Live)
18.One Step Closer (Live)
19.Matches (Studio Bonus Track)
Live At Billy Bob's Texas 英文
1.Please Come To Boston (Live)
2.Bottle Into Gold (Live)
3.Red Headed Woman (Live)
4.Matches (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Songs About Trucks
2.Lynville Train
3.Walking Shoes
4.O Holy Night
6.Day of the Dead
7.Couldn't Make You Love Me

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