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The Shoes( Shoes )【 共收藏 8 张专辑, 120 首歌 】
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The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music 英文
1.The Shuck (As White Shoes) (提供)
2.Warum Weinst Du (As White Shoes) (提供)
3.Bye Bye Baby (As White Shoes) (提供)
4.I Will Be Home Again (As White Shoes) (提供)
5.Standing And Sharing (提供)
6.Ask My Mother (提供)
7.Na Na Na
8.Listen To The (提供)
9.Peace And Privacy (提供)
10.Once Again (提供)
11.Farewell In The Rain
12.What In The World Is Love (提供)
13.No Money For Roses (提供)
14.Imagination (提供)
15.Man's Life (提供)
16.I Don't Like To Go (提供)
17.Don't You Cry For A Girl (提供)
18.Shooting Star (提供)
19.Tank Esso Mix (提供)
20.He Spoiled The Days (提供)
21.Emptyness (提供)
22.End Of The Line (提供)
23.That Tender Looking Angel (提供)
24.Trip Around The World (提供)
25.Happiness Is In This Beat (提供)
26.My Girl Flo (提供)
27.Daylight (提供)
28.Time Is What I Need (提供)
30.Flutes, Horns, Strings And Drums (提供)
31.Adios Corazon (提供)
32.I'm On My Way (提供)
33.After All (提供)
34.Highway And Byways (提供)
35.Bless The Day (提供)
36.Be What You Are (提供)
37.Join The Celebration (提供)
38.Little Miss Lonely (提供)
39.Face To Face (提供)
40.No One Knows (提供)
41.Up And Down (提供)
42.She La La (提供)
43.Make Up Your Make Up (提供)
44.Good Morning Everyone (提供)
45.The Hour Comes High (提供)
46.Bumpy Sound (提供)
47.Who Am I (提供)
48.Angel Of The Night (提供)
Chemicals 英文
2.Made for You
4.Lost in London
5.Vortex of Love
6.Us & I
7.Give It Away
8.15 Instead & Brown
9.Feed the Ghost
11.Two Pills
I'm Okay 英文
1.I'm Okay
2.Paper Clip (提供)
3.Dead Rabbit Hopes (提供)
4.His Gorgeousness
5.Indian Giver
6.His Shirt Grew (提供)
7.Broken Hearted Love Song (提供)
8.I Guess This is My Man (提供)
9.Harry Barry (提供)
Ignition 英文
1.Head vs. Heart
2.The Joke's On You
3.Diminishing Returns
4.Heaven Help Me
5.Maybe Now
6.Wrong Idea
7.Sign of Life
8.Hot Mess
9.Where Will It End
10.Say It Like You Mean It
11.I Thought You Knew
12.Nobody to Blame
13.Out of Round
14.In On You (提供)
15.Only We Remain
Crack My Bones 英文
1.Stay The Same
2.Cover Your Eyes
3.People Movin
4.Wastin' Time
5.Time To Dance
7.Crack My Bones
8.Bored (提供)
9.The Wolf Under The Moon
10.Investigator (提供)
11.Whips Like A Clap (提供)
Present Tense / Tongue Twister 英文
1.Hangin' Around With You
2.When It Hits
3.Hopin' She's the One
4.Only in My Sleep
5.The Things You Do
6.Every Girl
7.Somebody Has What I Had
8.In My Arms Again
9.Your Very Eyes
10.Too Late
Best 英文
1.Burned Out Love
2.Too Late
3.Now and Then
4.I Don't Wanna Hear It
5.I Don't Miss You
暂存 英文
1.Tomorrow Night
2.This Christmas
3.Three Times
4.Time to Dance - Extended Video Edit
5.Time to Dance - Original Version
7.America (original mix)
8.Wastin' Time (Tom Stephan remix)
9.Time to Dance (Video Edit)
10.Time to Tanz (Esser Remix)
11.Knock Out (original mix)

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