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Two Steps From Hell【 共收藏 9 张专辑, 171 首歌 】
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Classics, Vol. 2 英文
1.Heaven & Earth (提供)
2.Ride With the Saracen (提供)
3.The Immortals (提供)
4.Ride to Victory (提供)
5.Na Vedui (提供)
6.The Colonel (提供)
7.Dachuur (提供)
8.Undefeated (提供)
9.Flying Snow (提供)
10.Riders (提供)
11.Adventure of a Lifetime (提供)
12.Magika (提供)
13.Kogan (提供)
14.Flameheart (提供)
15.Submariner (提供)
16.Atlas (提供)
17.Neverdark (提供)
18.Starfall (提供)
19.Aratta (提供)
20.Salvation (提供)
21.Mythic (提供)
23.Fateful Night (提供)
24.Bastion (提供)
25.Clock Tower Parade (提供)
Battlecry 英文
1.None Shall Live (提供)
2.Release Me (提供)
3.Freedom Ship (提供)
4.Amaria (提供)
5.Flight of the Silverbird (提供)
6.Outpost (提供)
7.Unforgiven (提供)
8.Across the Blood Water (提供)
9.No Honor in Blood (提供)
10.Sariel (提供)
11.Star Sky
12.Battleborne (Instrumental) (提供)
13.Ultraground (提供)
14.Last of the Light (提供)
15.Stormkeeper (提供)
17.Wolf King (提供)
18.Rise Above (提供)
19.Spellcaster (提供)
20.Never Back Down
21.Red Tower (提供)
22.Cannon in D Minor (提供)
23.Blackout (提供)
24.Stronger Faster Braver (提供)
26.Star Sky (Instrumental) (提供)
Miracles 英文
1.Miracles (提供)
2.Color the Sky (提供)
3.Forever in My Dreams (提供)
4.Breath of Cold Air (提供)
5.Heart (提供)
6.Wind Queen (提供)
7.Northern Pastures (提供)
8.Science (提供)
9.Lost in Las Vegas (提供)
10.I Love You Forever (提供)
11.Lux Aeterna (提供)
12.Perfect Love (提供)
13.Eria (提供)
14.Compass (提供)
15.Sun Gazer (提供)
16.Eyes Closing (提供)
17.Fountain of Life (提供)
18.Stay (feat. Merethe Soltvedt) (提供)
19.Men of Honor (提供)
20.My Freedom (feat. Merethe Soltvedt) (提供)
21.Compass [feat. Merethe Soltvedt] (提供)
Solaris 英文
1.Portals Over Earth (提供)
2.One By One (提供)
3.Rise Of The Abyss (提供)
4.Invadorz (提供)
5.Sergeant Steel (提供)
6.This Must Be The Mothership (提供)
7.Countries Burning (提供)
8.Start Again (提供)
9.The Day The Sky Opened (提供)
10.Blood Of The Titan (提供)
11.Sweet Rampage (提供)
12.Locating The Core (提供)
13.Steel Messenger (提供)
14.Killing Spree (提供)
15.Massive Outbreak (提供)
16.Special Unit (提供)
17.Echoes And Ashes (提供)
18.Hard Rain (提供)
19.The Purifier (提供)
20.First Incident (提供)
SkyWorld 英文
1.All Is Hell That Ends Well (提供)
2.Titan Dream (提供)
3.SkyWorld (提供)
4.El Dorado (提供)
5.The End Is the Beginning (提供)
6.All the Kings Horses (提供)
7.Realm of Power (提供)
8.Winterspell (提供)
9.Blackheart (提供)
10.Juggernaut (提供)
11.Dark Ages (提供)
12.Our Last Hope (提供)
13.Icarus (提供)
14.For the Win (提供)
15.Sun & Moon (提供)
16.Big Sky (提供)
17.Starfleet (提供)
18.Queen of Crows (提供)
19.Blizzard (提供)
20.Breathe (提供)
21.Back to the Earth
22.Ocean Kingdom (提供)
Archangel 英文
1.Archangel (提供)
2.Destructo (提供)
3.Atlantis (提供)
4.Strength of a Thousand Men (提供)
5.Unexplained Forces (提供)
6.Magic of Love (提供)
7.Norwegian Pirate (提供)
8.Dark Harbor (提供)
9.Dragon Rider (提供)
10.Mountains From Water (提供)
11.Titan Dune (提供)
12.Ironwing (提供)
13.Army of Justice
14.Mercy in Darkness (提供)
15.Everlasting (提供)
16.United We Stand - Divided We Fall (提供)
17.Love & Loss (提供)
18.The Last Stand (提供)
19.Nero (提供)
20.Immortal Avenger (提供)
21.He Who Brings the Night (提供)
22.Caradhras (提供)
23.Sanctuary is Lost (提供)
24.What's Happening to Me (提供)
25.Aesir (提供)
26.Friendship to Last
Invincible 英文
1.Freedom Fighters (提供)
2.Heart Of Courage
3.Master Of Shadows (提供)
4.Moving Mountains (提供)
5.Am I Not Human? (提供)
6.Enigmatic Soul (提供)
7.Fire Nation (提供)
8.Black Blade (提供)
9.Super Strength (提供)
10.Invincible (提供)
11.False King (提供)
12.Hypnotica (提供)
13.Fill My Heart (提供)
14.Protectors Of The Earth (提供)
15.Velocitron (提供)
16.Undying Love (提供)
17.1000 Ships Of The Underworld (提供)
18.Tristan (提供)
19.Breath Of Ran Gor (提供)
20.Infinite Legends (提供)
21.To Glory (提供)
22.After The Fall (提供)
Halloween 英文
1.To Die On Halloween (feat. Nick Phoenix)
2.Deck the Halls With Blood (feat. Monica Barta)
3.This Is Oh My Dear (feat. Monica Barta)
暂存 英文
1.My Freedom
2.Strength of a Thousand Men (Dubstep Remix)
3.Deep Voyage
5.Deck the Halls with Blood
6.Two Steps From Hell

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