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Kung Fu Hustler 英文
1.Mile In My Shoes (feat. Sam Harrison) (提供)
2.Bumper (feat. Serocee) (提供)
3.Dreams Into Schemes (feat. Mister Smith, MC Fixer & Adam Crook) (提供)
4.Stand and Deliver (feat. Stylah & Smartz) (提供)
5.Biggest Threat (feat. Zuby) (提供)
6.Assemble (feat. Abiade, Rukus, Swami Baracus & Genesis Elijah) (提供)
7.TTYL (提供)
8.Can You Help Me (提供)
9.What That's Like (feat. Sam Harrison) (提供)
10.Leap of Faith (提供)
11.The ShaoDow In a Box (Skit) (提供)
12.Shaolin Mode (提供)
13.GAS MARK 10!!!
14.I Does This (feat. KK) (提供)
15.Hustle Smart (提供)
16.Liar (提供)
17.Why My Brother (提供)
18.Kung Fu Hustler (Intro) (提供)
19.Independent Power (feat. Bartoven) (提供)
20.Y&P (提供)
21.One Man Army (提供)
Emotional Poetry 英文
1.Let Me Slip Away (提供)
2.Welcome To The Home For The Tortured (提供)
3.Barbed Wire (提供)
4.5 Feet Down (提供)
5.Ways Of A Vampire (提供)
6.Funeral For A Shadowed And Outcasted Recluse (提供)
7.Hidden Message (提供)
8.Vileness That Lies Beneath (提供)
9.Midnight CIgarette (提供)
10.Addiction Of Self Infliction (提供)
11.Chains (提供)
12.The Name Thats Carved Into My Heart (提供)
13.One Who Shall Not Be Mine (提供)
14.Pure Serenity (提供)
15.Deepest Of Emotions (提供)
16.Tribulation Of Unconscious Visions (提供)
17.Want To Be The One (提供)
18.Broken Stem (提供)
19.Learnings Of Life (提供)
20.Wash Away (提供)
21.Death Comes To Us All (提供)
22.The Quest (提供)
These Streets 英文
1.INTRO(Da Confession) (提供)
2.These Streets (提供)
3.Lovin-A-G (提供)
4.It's Goin Down (提供)
5.Certified Hustler (提供)
6.No Harder Than Mine (提供)
7.Gangsta Harmony (提供)
8.Down South (提供)
9.All I Know (提供)
10.Wonder Y They Call U ...(skit) (提供)
11.Club Stopper (提供)
12.Gett'n Mine (提供)
13.Da Verdict(skit) (提供)
14.Da Ghetto (提供)
15.Hold Up(skit) (提供)
16.Da Ghetto(screwed) (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Hold Up - Trap Mix
4.Jason Levy
5.Get Down
6.Forever Chaos

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