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Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab 英文
1.Teardrops from the Moon
2.Fortune Teller
3.Armageddon (提供)
4.She's in Love With the Boy in a Bodybag
5.Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab (提供)
6.Frightened Horses (提供)
7.Anthony's Brainwaves (提供)
8.Crying On the Webcam (提供)
9.Guest List to Hell (提供)
10.Happy Clowns (提供)
11.Falling in Love
12.Day of the Dead (提供)
Love You More Than Football 英文
1.Evil Things
2.Juno 54 (提供)
3.Thank You
5.Everybody in the Madhouse
6.Diary of a Wimp
7.Good Times
8.I Love You More than Football
9.Steal My Love
11.More than a Friend
13.Supersonic Jetplane
Spiders 英文
1.Charlie M
2.Dark Clouds
3.Drop Dead
4.Kill Me
5.Lovechild Of The Queen
6.Major Pager
7.Me And You Vs The World
8.Mister Psycho
10.Mr. Psycho
12.No One Understands
14.Voodoo Roller
Tin Planet 英文
1.There's No You
Live at the Bbc - Top of the Pops 英文
1.Female of the Species (Live on TOTP 1996)
2.Neighbourhood (Live on TOTP 1996)
3.Dark Clouds (Live on TOTP 1997)
4.Ballad of Tom Jones (Live on TOTP 1998)
5.Avenging Angels (Live on TOTP 1998)
Invasion of the Spiders 英文
1.Kill Me (Space Club mix)
2.Blow Your Cover
3.Dark Clouds (alternative version)
4.Me & You vs. the World (No Knickers mix)
5.Female of the Species (D'still'd Remix Full mix)
6.Neighbourhood (Pissed Up Stomp mix)
7.Money (Space Club mix)
8.Children of the Night
暂存 英文
1.Female Of The Species
2.Female Of The Species [Fembot Mix]
3.Yes You Do
4.Bad Days (Remix)
5.Bad Days
6.Avenging Angels
7.The Ballad of Tom Jones
8.Disco Dolly
9.Now She's Gone
10.Haunted Houses
11.Blank Space (Smithee Edit)
12.I Am Unlike a Lifeform You've Ever Met
13.Avenging Angels (Franny's 'Peaceful Devil' mix)
14.The Ballad of Tom Jones (Raw & Live from Wolverhampton Civic Hall)
15.Female of the Species (Raw & Live from Wolverhampton Civic Hall)
16.Me & You Vs. the World (Album Version)
17.Hell of a Girl
18.Prison (D-Pulse Remix)
19.Made Myself a Boss
20.Money (7' Radio Edit)
21.Kill Me (7' Radio Edit)
22.Voodoo Roller (Live on the BBC from Reading 1997)
23.The Ballad of Tom Jones (Cocktail Lounge mix)
24.The Unluckiest Man in the World
25.Begin Again
26.Me and You Versus the World (radio edit)
27.Be There
28.The Man (提供)

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