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Sun Devoured Earth【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 51 首歌 】
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Ellilan 英文
1.Tension #2 (提供)
2.Boss Fight #2 (提供)
3.Boss Fight #4 (提供)
4.Intro (提供)
5.The Artificial Eden (提供)
6.Tension #1 (提供)
7.Boss Fight #1 (提供)
8.Victory! (提供)
9.Fountain Square (提供)
10.Victory!!! (提供)
11.Reminiscence ~A Long Journey~ (提供)
12.Credits (提供)
13.Research Center (提供)
14.Tension #3 (提供)
15.Boss Fight #3 (提供)
16.Tethys (提供)
17.Tethys #2 (提供)
18.Arena (提供)
19.Tension #4 (提供)
A Static Life 英文
1.Gloom Wave (Medium Chance) (提供)
2.A Let Down (提供)
3.Theme of Drowning (提供)
4.Sixteen and Onwards (提供)
5.Whatever by SDE (feat. DSE) (提供)
6.Depersonalization (提供)
7.A Lullaby (提供)
8.Sleeping In Public (提供)
Good Memories Are The Hardest To Keep 英文
1.Childhood I Miss You (提供)
2.Show Me The Road To Joy (提供)
3.Life Passes (提供)
4.Death Before Reaching The Sun (提供)
5.How Was I Supposed To Know (提供)
6.Distant Cries (提供)
7.Another Day Down The Drain (提供)
8.God Is An Asshole (提供)
9.Long, Noisy Goodbye (提供)
10.Waiting Untill Death Takes Us (提供)
The Black Death (EP) 英文
1.Bright White Light (提供)
2.Five (提供)
3.Buried Deep (提供)
4.Three (提供)
Sun Devoured Earth 英文
1.Dead Flower Field (提供)
2.The Blood Is Still Running (提供)
3.Creeping Shadows (提供)
4.ThreeTwo (提供)
5.Chained (提供)
6.Last Breath (提供)
7.Sun Devoured Earth (提供)
Transition To White (Demo) 英文
1.Drowning In Clouds (提供)2.The Wind (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Eternal Silence

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