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Super Simple Learning( 超级简单学习 )【 共收藏 8 张专辑, 201 首歌 】
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Super Simple Songs - Halloween 英文
1.Hello, My Friends
2.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?
3.This is the Way We Carve A Pumpkin
4.Can You Make A Happy Face?
5.Go Away, Ghoulie Goblin!
6.Five Creepy Spiders
7.Give Me Something Good To Eat
8.One For You, One For Me
9.The Skeleton Dance
10.Who Took The Candy?
11.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Part II)
12.Goodbye, My Friends
13.Hello, My Friends/Goodbye, My Friends (Sing-along)
14.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Sing-along)
15.This Is The Way We Carve A Pumpkin (Sing-along)
16.Can You Make A Happy Face? (Sing-along)
17.Go Away, Ghoulie Goblin! (Sing-along)
18.Five Creepy Spiders (Sing-along)
19.Give Me Something Good To Eat (Sing-along) (提供)
20.One For You, One For Me (Sing-along)
21.The Skeleton Dance (Sing-along)
22.Who Took The Candy? (Sing-along)
23.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Part II) (Sing-along)
24.Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat? (Bonus Version) (Sing-along) (提供)
Super Simple Songs - Christmas 英文
1.Hello, Reindeer
2.Jingle Bells (Learn & Sing)
3.Decorate The Christmas Tree
4.Santa's On His Way
5.I'm A Little Snowman
6.Jingle Jingle Little Bell
7.We Wish You A Merry Christmas
9.10 Little Elves
10.Santa, Where Are You?
11.Little Snowflake
12.Goodbye, Snowman
13.Hello, Reindeer (Sing-along)
14.Jingle Bells (Learn & Sing) (Sing-along)
15.Decorate The Christmas Tree (Sing-along)
16.Santa's On His Way (Sing-along)
17.I'm A Little Snowman (Sing-along)
18.Jingle Jingle Little Bell (Sing-along)
19.We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Sing-along)
20.S-A-N-T-A (Sing-along)
21.10 Little Elves (Sing-along)
22.Santa, Where Are You? (Sing-along)
23.Little Snowflake (Sing-along)
24.Goodbye, Snowman (Sing-along)
Super Simple Songs - Animals 英文
1.Good Morning, Mr. Rooster
2.Let's Go To The Zoo
3.Walking In The Jungle
4.Hickory Dickory...Crash!
5.My Teddy Bear
6.I Have A Pet
7.Yes, I Can
8.Mary Had A Kangaroo
9.The Animals On The Farm
10.What Do You Hear?
11.Wag Your Tail
12.After A While, Crocodile
13.Good Morning, Mr. Rooster (Sing-along)
14.Let's Go To The Zoo (Sing-along)
15.Walking In The Jungle (Sing-along)
16.Hickory Dickory...Crash! (Sing-along)
17.My Teddy Bear (Sing-along)
18.I Have A Pet (Sing-along)
19.Yes, I Can (Sing-along)
20.Mary Had A Kangaroo (Sing-along)
21.The Animals On The Farm (Sing-along)
22.What Do You Hear? (Sing-along)
23.Wag Your Tail (Sing-along)
24.After A While, Crocodile (Sing-along)
Super Simple ABCs Phonics Fun 英文
1.Hello A, Hello Z (提供)
2.The Super Simple Alphabet Song (提供)
3.The Phonics Alphabet Song
4.The A Song (提供)
5.The B Song (提供)
6.The C Song (提供)
7.The D Song (提供)
8.The E Song (提供)
9.The F Song (提供)
10.The G Song (提供)
11.The H Song (提供)
12.The I Song (提供)
13.A-I Review Chant (提供)
14.A-I Review Song (提供)
15.The J Song (提供)
16.The K Song (提供)
17.The L Song (提供)
18.The M Song (提供)
19.The N Song (提供)
20.The O Song (提供)
21.The P Song (提供)
22.The Q Song (提供)
23.The R Song (提供)
24.J-R Review Chant (提供)
25.J-R Review Song (提供)
26.The S Song (提供)
27.The T Song (提供)
28.The U Song (提供)
29.The V Song (提供)
30.The W Song (提供)
31.The X Song (提供)
32.The Y Song (提供)
33.The Z Song (提供)
34.R-Z Review Chant (提供)
35.R-Z Review Song (提供)
36.Goodbye A, Goodbye Z (提供)
37.Hello A, Hello Z (Sing-along) (提供)
38.The Super Simple Alphabet Song/The Phonics Alphabet Song (Sing-along) (提供)
39.If You're Happy (A & N Sing-along) (提供)
40.Baa Baa Black Sheep (B & Q Sing-along) (提供)
41.Skip to My Lou (C & S Sing-along) (提供)
42.The Bear Went Over the Mountain (D & P Sing-along) (提供)
43.She'll be Comin' 'Round the Mountain (E & Z Sing-along) (提供)
44.London Bridge (F & U Sing-along) (提供)
45.Mary Had a Little Lamb (G & T Sing-along) (提供)
46.Frère Jacques (H & W Sing-along) (提供)
47.Oh, Susanna (I & V Sing-along) (提供)
48.Old McDonald (J & O Sing-along) (提供)
49.The Wheels on the Bus (K & X Sing-along)
50.The Hokey Pokey (L & Y Sing-along) (提供)
51.Row Row Row Your Boat (M & R Sing-along) (提供)
52.Review Chants (提供)
53.Review Songs (提供)
Super Simple Songs 3 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Old McDonald (Play With It)
3.Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?
4.The Pinocchio
5.Five Little Pumpkins
6.Hello Hello!
7.Open Shut Them (and Other Opposites)
8.BINGO (Learn It)
9.BINGO (Play With It)
10.We All Fall Down
11.Rain Rain Go Away (Learn It)
12.Rain Rain Go Away (Play With It)
13.Old McDonald (Learn It)
15.Happy Birthday (How Old Are You Today?)
16.Say Cheese! (Let's Take a Picture)
17.The Alphabet Chant
18.The Months Chant
19.Bye Bye Goodbye
20.Hello Hello! (Classroom Version)
21.Open Shut Them (Classroom Version)
22.Do You Like Brocolli Ice Cream? (Classroom Version)
23.Bye Bye Goodbye (Classroom Version)
24.Lullaby Medley (提供)
25.Outro (提供)
Super Simple Songs 英文
1.Knock Knock Hello
2.Make A Circle
3.Seven Steps
4.One Little Finger
5.Walking Walking
6.Are You Hungry?
7.Clean Up!
8.If You're Happy
9.Days Of The Week (提供)
10.I See Something Blue
11.Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Let's Learn)
12.Head Shoulders Knees And Toes (Let's Sing)
13.Ten In The Bed
14.The Bath Song
15.Five Little Monkeys
16.The Alphabet Song (Let's Learn)
17.The Alphabet Song (Let's Sing)
18.I See Something Pink
19.Go Away!
20.What Do You Want For Christmas?
21.Put On Your Shoes
22.See You Later
23.Please Sit Down And Storytime Music
24.Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song)
Super Simple Songs 2 英文
1.Count and Move
3.How's the Weather?
4.One Potato, Two Potatoes (提供)
5.Eeney Meeney Miney Moe (Choosing Rhyme)
6.The Eensey Weensey Spider (Learn It and Sing It)
7.Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #1
8.Who Took the Cookie?
9.The Wheels on the Bus (Learn It)
10.The Wheels on the Bus (Sing It)
12.The Shape Song #1
13.Counting Bananas
14.The Hokey Pokey Shake (Learn It)
15.The Hokey Pokey Shake (Sing It)
16.Rock Scissors Paper Fingerplay #2
17.The Shape Song #2
18.Mystery Box
19.Hide and Seek
20.See You Later Alligator (Goodbye Song)
21.Rock Scissors Paper Play (Circle Time Version)
22.Who Took the Cookie? (Circle Time Version)
23.Bedtime Medley (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Speeding Up) [Sing-Along]
2.Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) [Sing-Along]
3.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
4.Open Shut Them #2

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