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Royksopp( 洛伊萨普乐团 )【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 89 首歌 】
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The Inevitable End 英文
3.Sordid Affair (提供)
4.You Know I Have To Go
5.Save Me
6.I Had This Thing
7.Rong (提供)
8.Here She Comes Again
9.Running To the Sea
11.Coup De Grace (提供)
12.Thank You (提供)
13.Do It Again
14.Goodnite Mr. Sweetheart (提供)
15.Caramel Afternoon (提供)
16.Oh No (提供)
17.Something In My Heart
Senior 英文
1.The Alcoholic (提供)
2.The Fear (提供)
3.Coming Home (提供)
4.And The Forest Began To Sing (提供)
5.Tricky Two (提供)
6.Senior Living (提供)
7.The Drug (提供)
8.Forsaken Cowboy (提供)
9.A Long, Long Way (提供)
10.The Final Day (提供)
Junior 英文
1.Happy Up Here
2.The Girl And The Robot
3.Vision One
4.This Must Be It
5.Royksopp Forever (提供)
6.Miss It So Much
7.Tricky Tricky
8.You Don't Have A Clue
9.Silver Cruiser (提供)
10.True To Life
11.It's What I Want
12.Across the Graveyard (提供)
13.Were You Ever Wanted
The Understanding 英文
1.What Else Is There?
2.Triumphant (提供)
3.Only This Moment (提供)
4.49 Percent
5.Sombre Detune (提供)
6.Follow My Ruin
7.Beautiful Day Without You
8.Circuit Breaker
9.Alpha Male (提供)
10.Someone Like Me
11.Dead to the World
12.Tristesse Globale (提供)
13.Go Away
14.Clean Sweep (提供)
15.Boys (提供)
16.Head (提供)
17.Looser Now (提供)
Melody A.M 英文
1.Remind Me
3.Poor Leno
4.So Easy
5.A Higher Place
6.Eple (提供)
7.In Space (提供)
8.Röyksopp's Night Out (提供)
9.She's So (提供)
10.40 Years Back\Come (提供)
Running To the Sea (Remixes) 英文
1.Running To the Sea (Villa Remix)
2.Running To The Sea - Man Without Country Remix
3.Running To The Sea - Seven Lions Remix
暂存 英文
1.Remind Me (Radio Edit)
2.I Had This Thing - Joris Voorn remix
3.I Had This Thing - The Presets remix
4.Twenty Thirteen (feat. Jamie Irrepressible)
5.Twenty Thirteen
6.Here She Comes Again (feat. Jamie Irrepressible) - DJ Antonio Remix
7.Every Little Thing
8.The Girl and the Robot (Spencer & Hill radio edit)
9.Monument (T.I.E. Version)
10.Monument - The Inevitable End Version
11.Never Ever
12.Never Ever (Edit)
13.Running to the Sea (live at NRK)
14.Do It Again (Patrick Pache Remix)
15.Monument (Mark E Dub)
16.Monument (Mark E Remix)
17.Do It Again (Deniz Koyu Remix)
18.Do It Again (Zoo Station radio edit)

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