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Paul Hardcastle【 共收藏 12 张专辑, 130 首歌 】
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The Chill Lounge 3 英文
1.Don't You Know
2.Exploring the Deep (提供)
3.Better Now (提供)
4.Where I Wanna Be (提供)
5.Peace on Earth (提供)
6.On the Run (提供)
7.Fireflies (提供)
8.Guess I'll Never Know (提供)
9.Fade Away (提供)
The Jazzmasters VII 英文
1.Unlimited Love, Pt. 1 (feat. Cindy Bradley) (提供)
2.Echoes of Eternity (提供)
3.Breathe (提供)
4.Come On (提供)
5.Unlimited Love The Strings, Pt. 2 (提供)
6.Domino Effect (提供)
7.Starlight Express (提供)
8.Free to Fly (提供)
9.Rhythm of Life (提供)
10.Rhythm of Life Chill Reprise (提供)
Movin and Groovin 英文
1.Groove To The Music (提供)
2.Summer Love (Gary Noakes Club Edit)
3.Whats Going On (Steppers Mix) (提供)
4.Nu Vibes (提供)
5.Hot Off The Press (提供)
6.On The Run (Revisited) (提供)
7.The Hardcastle Hustle (提供)
8.Unlimited Love (提供)
9.Boogie Down (提供)
10.Funk It Out (提供)
11.Do It Again
12.King Tut (Remaster) (提供)
The Chill Lounge Volume 2 英文
1.Looking For You (提供)
2.Soft Rain (提供)
3.Cristal Whisper (提供)
4.Reflections (提供)
5.Pulse Of The Universe (提供)
6.Transcontinental (提供)
7.Slippin' Away (提供)
8.Dreamin (提供)
9.Chillstep Echoes (提供)
10.Come And Discover (提供)
Paul Hardcastle VII 英文
1.The Truth (Shall Set You Free) (提供)
2.No Stress At All (提供)
3.Summer Love
4.Crystal Whisper (提供)
5.Easy Street (提供)
6.Dance Of The Wind (提供)
7.Apache Warrior (提供)
8.Stepping On Shadows (提供)
9.Love Is A Power (提供)
10.The Truth (Shall Set You Free Reprise) (提供)
19 Below Zero 英文
1.Solar Sky (提供)
2.Return of the Rainman Reprise (提供)
3.Absolute Zero (提供)
4.King Tut (提供)
5.Journey To Tranquillity (提供)
6.One Chance (提供)
7.Rainforest Original (提供)
8.19 Below Zero (提供)
Chill Lounge 英文
1.Solar Sky Ibiza (Remix) (提供)
2.Through the Looking Glass (提供)
3.East to West (提供)
4.Ibiza Dub (提供)
5.Zen Warrior (提供)
6.Emerald Stardust (提供)
7.Inner Changes (提供)
8.Chime (提供)
9.First Light Part 1 (提供)
10.First Light Part 2 (提供)
11.Look To The Future (提供)
Hardcastle 6 英文
1.Let This Love Begin
2.Easy Come Easy Go (提供)
3.Rainforest / What's Going On (Chill Mix) (提供)
4.DC Boogie (提供)
5.Lost For Words (提供)
6.Neon Adventure (提供)
7.1000 Miles From Nowhere (提供)
8.Night Time Hustle (提供)
9.Rainforest / What's Going On (提供)
10.Blew My Mind (Instrumental) (提供)
11.Into The Blue (提供)
12.1000 Miles From Nowhere (提供)
13.Forest Echoes (提供)
The Collection 英文
1.Acoustic Dreams (提供)
2.Ventura Highway
3.Desire (提供)
4.Valley Of The Harps (提供)
5.Moments In Time (提供)
6.Moon Trekin (提供)
7.Loves Theme (提供)
8.Journey (提供)
9.The Circle (提供)
10.Dancing Lights (提供)
11.Northern Lights (提供)
12.You May Be Gone
13.Slomotion (提供)
Hardcastle 5 英文
1.In The Beginning (提供)
2.Lucky Star (提供)
3.Don't You Know
4.Marimba (提供)
5.Closer (提供)
6.Return Of The Rainman (提供)
7.Blew My Mind (提供)
8.Constellation Of Dreams (提供)
9.Don't You Know Part 2 (提供)
10.Keep Movin On (提供)
11.Revival (提供)
12.Till The Next Time (提供)
13.Take 1 (提供)
Desire 英文
1.Cloud Watching (提供)
2.Don't You Know Remix (提供)
3.Forever Dreamin' (提供)
4.Lost In Space (提供)
5.Lost Summer (提供)
6.Ready Or Not
7.Same Place Same Time (提供)
8.Smooth Jazz Is Bumpin (提供)
9.Valentines (提供)
10.Wonderland (提供)
暂存 英文
2.Children Of The Ghetto
3.Was It Love
4.19 (Nineteen)
5.19 (Disconet remix)
6.Don't Waste My Time
7.Welcome To Japan
8.Foolin' Yourself
10.40 Years (12' Edit)
11.Your the One Daybreak Am

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