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Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark 英文
1.NY Debut (提供)
2.Boy Falls From The Sky
3.Rise Above 1 (提供)
4.Picture This (提供)
5.I Just Can't Walk Away (Say It Now) (提供)
6.Bouncing Off The Walls (提供)
7.Pull The Trigger (提供)
8.No More
9.DIY World (提供)
10.If The World Should End (提供)
11.Sinistereo (提供)
12.A Freak Like Me Needs Company
13.Rise Above 2 (提供)
14.Turn Off The Dark (提供)
Baby It's You 英文
1.Opening (Mr. Lee, Book Of Love, And Rockin' Robin) (提供)
2.Mama Said (提供)
3.I Met Him On A Sunday (提供)
4.Tonight's The Night (提供)
5.Dedicated To The One I Love (提供)
6.Big John (提供)
7.Dedicated To The One I Love (Reprise) (提供)
8.Since I Don't Have You (提供)
9.He's So Fine (提供)
10.Soldier Boy (提供)
11.Shout (提供)
12.Mama Said (Reprise) (提供)
13.Duke Of Earl (提供)
14.Foolish Little Girl (提供)
15.It's My Party (提供)
16.Our Day Will Come (提供)
17.The Dark End Of The Street (提供)
18.Rhythm Of The Rain (提供)
19.You're So Fine (提供)
20.Louie Louie (提供)
21.You've Really Got A Hold On Me (提供)
22.Baby It's You (提供)
23.Don't Make Me Over (提供)
24.Walk On By (提供)
25.Dedicated To The One I Love (Finale) (提供)
26.Curtain Call (I Say A Little Prayer, Shout, Twist And Shout) (提供)
Shrek: The Musical 英文
1.When Words Fail
2.Build A Wall
3.Freak Flag
4.This Is Our Story (提供)
5.I Know It's Today
6.What's Up, Duloc?
7.Travel Song
8.Donkey Pot Pie
9.This Is How A Dream Comes True
10.Who I'd Be
11.Morning Person
12.I Think I Got You Beat
13.The Ballad Of Farquaad
14.Make A Move
15.Overture/Big Bright Beautiful World
16.Story Of My Life
17.Don't Let Me Go
[title of show] 英文
1.Part Of It All
2.I Am Playing Me
3.What Kind Of Girl Is She?
4.Die Vampire, Die!
5.Secondary Characters
6.A Way Back To Then
7.Nine People's Favorite Thing
8.[title of show]
The New Rocky Horror Show - 25 Years Young 英文
1.Damn It Janet
2.The Time Warp
3.I'm Going Home
The New Musicals Collection 英文
1.It's the Hard Knock Life (From 'Annie')
2.Music of the Night (From 'The Phantom of the Opera')
3.The Phantom of the Opera (From 'The Phantom of the Opera')
The Drowsy Chaperone 英文
2.As We Stumble Along (Reprise)
3.I Do, I Do In the Sky
4.Bride's Lament
5.Toledo Surprise
6.I Am Aldolpho
7.Roman Bartelli
8.As We Stumble Along
9.Beatrice Stockwell
10.Show Off
11.The Ooops Girl
12.Cold Feets
13.Percy Hyman
14.Fancy Dress
15.Message From a Nightingale
The Best Songs of the Stage 英文
1.Hopelessly Devoted to You (From 'Grease')
2.Omigod You Guys (From 'Legally Blonde')
3.Summer Nights (From 'Grease')
Pinkalicious - The Musical 英文
2.Pinkalicious and Peter Ponder the Predicament
4.Buzz Off
Legally Blonde 英文
1.Omigod You Guys
2.What You Want
4.Ireland (Reprise)
5.Legally Blonde
6.Find My Way/Finale
Grease (Original Cast Recording) 英文
1.Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee
3.We Go Together
4.Shakin' At the High School Hop
5.Beauty School Dropout
6.There Are Worse Things I Could Do
7.Those Magic Changes
8.It's Raining On Prom Night
9.Sandy (Opening)
Ghost - The Musical 英文
1.Here Right Now
2.Suspend My Disbelief / I Had A Life
3.Unchained Melody (Dance) / The Love Inside
4.Nothing Stops Another Day
5.With You
6.I Can't Breathe
7.Ball of Wax
8.Sam's Murder
10.Unchained Melody
11.Talkin' 'Bout A Miracle
Evita 英文
1.Requiem for Evita
4.She Is a Diamond
5.You Must Love Me
6.Waltz for Eva and Che
7.And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)
8.Rainbow Tour
9.Rainbow High
10.High Flying, Adored
11.Don't Cry for Me Argentina
12.A New Argentina
13.Another Suitcase In Another Hall
14.I'd Be Surprisingly Good for You
15.The Art of the Possible
16.Goodnight and Thank You
17.On This Night Of A Thousand Stars (提供)
18.Oh What a Circus
19.Buenos Aires
Dracula 英文
1.The Proper Thing to Do - Mina & Harker
2.It's a Different World - Dracula & Lucy
3.I'm Really Not Insane - Renfield (Van Helsing & Seward)
4.For the Angel You Are - Renfield
5.She Devil, Nosferatu - Van Helsing, Lucy, Harker, Seward, Holmwo
6.Never to Die - Dracula
Compilation 英文
1.Are You A Believer?
2.Chip On My Shoulder
3.Serious (Reprise)
4.There! Right There!
5.Security Meltdown
6.Legally Blonde Remix
8.Pure Imagination (From
9.Suspend My Disbelief/I Had A Life
10.Bend And Snap
11.So Much Better
12.The Most Amazing Thing
13.Three Little Words
14.I'd Be Delighted
15.In the Heights
16.Two Nobodies In New York
17.Days of Plenty
18.Small Umbrella in the Rain
19.The Fire Within Me
20.The Weekly Volcano Press
21.I'm Outta Here
22.Whipped Into Shape
23.Blood In The Water
24.The Harvard Variations
25.Off to Massachusetts
26.Some Things Are Meant to Be
28.Take It Like A Man
Amour (Original Broadway Cast) 英文
1.Going Home Alone
2.An Ordinary Guy
35MM: A Musical Exhibition (Original Cast Recording) 英文
1.Good Lady
2.The Seraph
3.Leave Luanne
4.Cut You A Piece
5.The Ballad of Sara Berry
暂存 英文
1.One Song Glory
2.Take a Chance on Me
4.A Whole New World (From 'Aladdin')
5.Pin-Up Girl
6.Seasons Of Love - From Rent
7.I Don't Know How to Love Him (From 'Jesus Christ Superstar')
8.You Are My Home (From 'The Scarlet Pimpernel')
9.I Can Hear Bells (From 'Hairspray')
10.Together Again
11.We're Meant to Be
12.Ordinary Day
13.Lover, Come Back to Me
14.Welcome to the Tonys
15.Dog's Best Friend
16.The Buck Stops Here
17.The Great American TV Show
18.I'm Fucking Awesome
19.Why Are You Cornholing Me Jesus?
20.I Need a Life
21.So Far, So Good
22.Weed Is Bad
23.With You On My Arm
24.Memory (From 'Cats')
25.You're the One That I Want (From

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