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Last Patrol 英文
1.I Live Behind the Clouds
2.Last Patrol
3.Three Kingfishers (提供)
6.Mindless Ones
7.The Duke of Supernature
8.End of Time
9.Stay Tuned
10.Strobe Light Beatdown
11.One Dead Moon
Dopes To Infinity 英文
1.All Friends and Kingdom Come
2.Blow 'Em Off
3.Dead Christmas
4.Dopes to Infinity
5.Ego, The Living Planet
6.King of Mars
7.Look to Your Orb for the Warning
8.Negasonic Teenage Warhead
9.Third Alternative
The Best Of Monster Magnet 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection 英文
1.Heads Explode - Album Version (Edited)
2.Twin Earth
3.Black Balloon
4.Negasonic Teenage Warhead
5.Crop Circle
6.Dopes To Infinity
7.Temple Of Your Dreams
8.Silver Future - Album Version (Edited)
9.Powertrip - Album Version (Edited)
Superjudge 英文
2.Cage Around The Sun
Powertrip 英文
1.Temple Of Your Dreams - Live
2.Dead Christmas
3.Big God
4.Crop Circle
5.Atomic Clock
7.Cage Around the Sun
8.Your Lies Become You
9.19 Witches
11.Baby Götterdämerung
12.Goliath and the Vampires
13.Dinosaur Vacuum - Live
14.Baby Götterdämerung - Live
15.Bummer - Live
16.Space Lord
17.Space Lord (Intergalactic 7 Mix)
18.Temple of Your Dreams
19.See You in Hell
21.3rd Eye Landslide
Monolithic Baby! 英文
1.Radiation Day (live)
2.Monolithic (live)
3.King of Mars 2004
4.The Right Stuff
Mastermind 英文
1.Dig That Hole
2.Gods And Punks
4.100 Million Miles
5.Perish In Fire
6.Bored With Sorcery
7.Hallucination Bomb
8.Time Machine
9.When The Planes Fall From The Sky
10.Ghost Story
11.All Outta Nothin
12.Fuzz Pig
13.The Titan Who Cried Like A Baby
14.Watch Me Fade
God Says No 英文
1.Doomsday - Album Version (Edited)
2.Queen Of You
3.My Little Friend
4.Gravity Well
5.All Shook Out
7.God Says No
8.Medicine 2001
9.Take It - Album Version (Edited)
10.Kiss Of The Scorpion - Album Version (Edited)
Cobras and Fire (The Mastermind Redux) 英文
1.She Digs That Hole
2.Mastermind '69
3.Cobras and Fire (Hallucination Bomb)
4.Gods, Punks and the Everlasting Twilight
5.When the Planes Fall From the Sky (Sitar and Psych Version)
4 Way Diablo 英文
1.4-Way Diablo
2.Wall Of Fire
3.You're Alive
4.Blow Your Mind
6.2000 Light Years From Home
7.No Vacation
8.I'm calling you
9.Solid gold
10.Freeze and pixelate (提供)
11.A thousand stars
12.Slap in the face
13.Little bag of Gloom
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Monster Magnet 英文
1.Heads Explode (Edited Version)
2.Twin Earth
3.Black Balloon
4.Negasonic Teenage Warhead
5.Crop Circle
6.Dopes to Infinity
7.Temple of Your Dreams
8.Silver Future (Edited Version)
9.Powertrip (Edited Version)
10.Space Lord (Edited Version)
暂存 英文
1.Pill Shovel
2.Nod Scene
3.Black Mastermind
4.Zodiac Lung
5.Spine Of God
6.Sin's A Good Man's Brother
8.Cyclops Revolution
9.Dopes to Infinity (live)
10.Elephant Bell
11.Dinosaur Vacume
12.Evil (Is Going On)
13.Face Down
15.Lord 13
16.I Control, I Fly
17.Spine of God (Live Version) (Bonus Track)
18.Superjudge (live BBC)
19.I Want More
20.Evil - Live
21.Twin Earth - Live
22.Baby Gotterdammerung
23.Mirror People
24.Third Eye Landslide
25.See You In Hell
26.There's No Way Out Of Here
27.Gods & Punks
28.Kick Out The Jams
29.Baby G�tterd�merung
30.Heads Explode
31.Live For The Moment
32.Slut Machine
34.Down In The Jungle
35.Take It
36.On the Verge
37.Too Bad
38.Black Celebration
39.Silver Future
41.CNN War Theme
42.Radiation Day
43.Snake Dance
44.Master of Light
45.Silver Future (Bonus Track)
47.Kiss of the Scorpion
49.Queen of You
50.Ultimate Everything
51.Unbroken (Hotel Baby)
52.Power Trip
54.Gimme Danger
55.Rocket Freak

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