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Mr. Capone-E( 卡彭-E先生 )【 共收藏 6 张专辑, 73 首歌 】
Capone-E先生(1976年4月27日出生)是美国的说唱歌手,也是Hi-Power Entertainment的老板。 他还与Thump Records签约,在那里他发行了2003年专辑Dedicated 2 the Oldies,他插入了Rosie&Originals的“Angel Baby”等歌曲。 Mr.Capone-E将他的音乐描述为“Sureñohip跳变。

2006年,Capone-E先生与Twista合作制作了单曲“Do not Get It Twisted”。 这首歌在Billboard Rhythmic Top 40榜单上排在第40位
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Oldies For Life 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Im The King Of Oldies (提供)
3.Still Down With You (Feat. Jazzy Jaz) (提供)
4.Old School (Feat. Lil Crazy Loc, Ese Lil G) (提供)
5.Baby Gangster (Feat. Aalon)
6.Maria Maria (提供)
7.Number 1 Ese (提供)
8.Oldie Dedicated (Skit) (提供)
9.My Neighborhood (Do What We Do) (提供)
10.Cutie Pie (Feat. Smokes, Mr Criminal, Cory L) (提供)
11.Thank You (Feat. Mr Magic) (提供)
12.Home Girls (Feat. Gloria Sol) (提供)
13.If Your Jealous Of Capone-E (提供)
14.Oldies Pt. 3 Cant Way Away (提供)
15.Shes My Lowrider Girl (Feat. Cory L) (提供)
16.Posted At The Park (Feat. Miss Lady Pinks) (提供)
17.Get Away (Feat. Miss Lady Pinks) (提供)
18.The InterviewOutroNew Album Snippets (提供)
Diary Of A G 英文
1.Gangster Prayer
2.It Ain't About Me
3.Gang Bangin' Shit (提供)
4.Three Of The Best From The West
5.Real Riders (提供)
6.South Sider's Most Wanted (提供)
7.Lupillo Rivera (Shout Out) (提供)
8.Light My Fire
9.Getting It (Remix) (提供)
10.No Problem
11.They Wanna Murder Me (提供)
12.Against All Odds (提供)
13.Drinkin' Out Da-40 Bottle (Rain Drops) (提供)
14.Outlaws Part Two (提供)
15.I Wanna Fuck (提供)
16.Like This And Like That (提供)
17.Stiletos (提供)
18.Ooops Upside Your Head (提供)
19.Ain't Lookin Back No More (提供)
20.This Is My Diary (提供)
21.Outro (提供)
Love Jams 英文
1.My Angel
2.Only Girl
3.Still Missing You
4.You Are My Lady
5.You Are the One for Me
6.Let Me Luv You Girl
Last Man Standing 英文
1.You Know My Name (Intro)
2.Homies (prelude)
3.Last Man Standing
4.On a Come Up (feat. Mr Criminal... Hi Power Soldiers)
5.Whats my Name
Don't Get It Twisted 英文
1.Don't Get It Twisted (With Twista)
2.You Should Be a Model
3.New West Coast
4.Don't Get It Twisted
5.My Homie
6.Be a Model
暂存 英文
1.I Got U
2.Summertime Anthem
3.Angel Baby
4.Angel Baby (Explicit)
5.My Angel - Feat. Mc Magic
6.Life of a Gangster
7.Don't Trip
8.Let Me Love You Girl
9.Game Show
10.Me and You 2005
11.Lady Lady
12.Did You Wrong
13.Don't Get It Twisted (Radio Edit)
14.Would You Love Me
15.Take a Chance
16.You're the One For Me (Explicit)
17.Light My Fire - Feat. Snoop Dogg

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