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The World Is Real 英文
1.Do You Recall?
2.Bury The House
3.Combat Culture
5.Go Back (提供)
6.Dog In The Desert
7.Perfect Fit
8.Takin' My Time
9.I Wish For You
10.In The Stubborn Eyes Of A Demon
Circular Doorway 英文
1.Circular Doorway (提供)
2.What You See is What You Get (提供)
3.Don't Hate Yourself (提供)
4.Crying Room (提供)
5.Positive Warning (提供)
6.No Wonder I
7.Torpedoes (提供)
8.Relief (提供)
9.Yawrood (提供)
10.Alone (提供)
Let's Build A Roof 英文
2.Gravel (提供)
3.Madagascar (提供)
4.Sing 99 And 90
5.Acorn (提供)
6.The Roof Caves In (提供)
7.Loose Wind (提供)
8.Winking Sign (提供)
9.Remote Control Cars (提供)
10.Don't Give Up (提供)
11.Christmas Island
12.Collapsing Homes (提供)
Wings of Freedom Tour 英文
1.Red Lake (Live)
2.On the Run (Live)
3.Driving with Your Eyes Closed (Live)
4.Jesus Came Down (Live)
Voices 英文
2.Comedy of Love
3.Echo Of The Melody
4.I Don't Wanna Lose You
5.Nervous Breakdown
6.Chase The Dragon
7.Who Do You Love
8.Love Is a Game
9.Music's a Way of Life
Paradise Island 英文
1.Into the Night
2.Paradise Way
3.Hopeless Love
4.One Way Song
5.Hard Road
Ouch! 英文
1.Come On Home
2.Listen To Me
4.Something Here
5.Hit Your Mama
6.Southern Nights
Lake 英文
2.Sorry to Say
3.Time Bomb
4.Chasing Colours
5.Do I Love You
6.Key to the Rhyme
7.Jesus Came Down
8.Between the Lines
Lake II 英文
1.Welcome to the West
2.See Them Glow
3.Letters of Love
4.Red Lake
5.Love's the Jailor
6.Lost by the Wayside
7.Highway 216
8.Angel in Disguise
9.Scoobie Doobies
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Glad to Be Here
2.Crystal Eyes
4.Living for Today
5.Jamaica High
6.The Final Curtain
Giving And Receiving 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.One Small Step (提供)
3.Roger Miller
4.Within / Without
5.The Stars (提供)
6.Stumble Around (提供)
7.Giving & Receiving
8.Mother Nature's Promise (提供)
9.Skeleton Costume (提供)
10.Bird And The Berry (提供)
11.Interlude (提供)
12.Pilgrim's Day (提供)
13.Efforts (提供)
14.Distant Stars
暂存 英文
1.On the Run (album version)
2.Love's a Jailer
3.More Than a Feeling
4.In The Midnight

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