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Live At St Pancras Old Church 英文
1.You'll Only End Up Joining Them
2.Every Famous Last Word (提供)
3.Between the Concrete and Clouds
4.Brother's Blood
Instigator 英文
1.No Why (提供)
2.Magic Magnet (提供)
3.Freddie Gray Blues (提供)
4.Daydrunk (提供)
5.Both Ways (提供)
6.Guard Your Gates (提供)
7.Before You're Here (提供)
8.I Was Alive Back Then
Daytrotter Session 英文
1.Welcome to Daytrotter (提供)2.Now Navigate
Bulldozer 英文
1.Now Navigate!
2.Little Bulldozer
3.From Here
4.Couldn't Be Happier
5.You Brushed Her Breath Aside
6.The Worm In Every Apple
7.Matter Of Time
8.She Can See Me
9.For Eugene
Bubblegum 英文
1.Nobel Prize
2.Somewhere Unoccupied
3.Cabybara (提供)
4.Sick Of Words
8.I Can't Believe You
9.Fiscal Cliff
10.Private First Class
11.I Don't Care About Your Band
Between The Concrete & Clouds 英文
2.The First Hit
3.Sleepwalking Through My Life
4.Awake In The Dirt
5.Between The Concrete & Clouds
7.Wait Out The Wreck
8.A Story, A Sneak
9.The City Has Left You Alone
10.I Used To Be Someone
Brother's Blood 英文
1.All Of Everything, Erased
3.The Hand Of God
4.Brother's Blood
5.Fever Moon
6.It's Only Your Life
7.Murphy's Song
8.Your Husband
9.Tomorrow's Just Too Late
10.Another Bag Of Bones
11.I Could Be With Anyone
Another Bag Of Bones 英文
1.Another Bag Of Bones2.Love Me I'm A Liberal
Split The Country, Split The Street 英文
1.Damned Ole Dad
2.Keep Ringing Your Bell
3.Buried By the Buzz
5.Alabama Acres
6.The Shift Change Splits the Streets
7.You Are the Daybreak
8.After Party
9.Bruise in a Brushwash (Bonus Track)
10.No Time Flat
12.Cotton Crush
13.Shift Change - The Splits The Streets LP Version
14.Yr Damned Ol' Dad
15.Lord, I Know We Don't Talk
16.Yr Damned OlDad
17.Damned Old Dad
18.No One Else's Problem
19.Order in the Court (Bonus Track)
Put Your Ghost To Rest 英文
1.Just Stay
Matter of Time: KD & GDB Tour 2012 英文
1.Off-Screen (Live)
2.The Longer That I'm Out Here (Live)
3.A Story, A Sneak (Live)
4.Between the Concrete & Clouds (Live)
5.Brother's Blood (Live)
Make The Clocks Move 英文
Live at St Pancras Old Church (May 2015) 英文
1.Write Your Story Now - Live
2.Not over You Yet - Live
3.I Used to Be Someone - Live
4.Little Bulldozer - Live
5.Carnival - Live
Live at Austin City Limits Music Festival 2007: Kevin Devine 英文
1.It's Only Your Life (Live)
2.No Time Flat (Live)
3.Brooklyn Boy (Live)
4.Damned Old Dad (Live)
5.Trouble (Live)
6.Holland, 1945 (Live)
7.Cotton Crush (Live)
8.Brooklyn Boy
Live At Maxwell's 02/08/2006 英文
1.Yr Damned Ol' Dad (Live)
2.Lord, I Know We Don't Talk (Live)
3.You'll Only End Up Joining Them (Live)
4.Haircut (Live)
5.Wolf's Mouth (Live)
6.You're Trailing Yourself (Live)
7.Noose Dressed Like a Necklace (Live)
8.People Are So Fickle (Live)
9.Buried By the Buzz (Live)
10.Me & My Friends (Live)
11.A Flatline Blur (Live)
12.The Shift Change Splits the Streets (Live)
13.The Burning City Smoking (Live)
I Could Be With Anyone 英文
1.I Could Be With Anyone
2.The Weather Is Wonderful
3.She Stayed As Steam
4.What's Keeping Us Young
2007 Tour EP 英文
1.Holland, 1945
2.Wolf's Mouth
3.Whatever (Some Folk Song in C)
5.You'll Only End Joining Them (Acoustic)
暂存 英文
1.A Billion Bees
2.Just Stay (live)
3.The Burning City Smoking
4.You Are My Sunshine
5.Guys With Record Collections
6.The Only One
7.Not Over You Yet
8.Lullaby For A Snow-Faced Girl
9.Country Sky Glow
10.Heaven Bound And Glory Be
11.This Box Is Empty
12.Go Haunt Someone Else
13.Hand Of God
14.Longer That I'm Out Here
15.Working In Quiet
16.Confessional At 6 P.M.
17.You're Trailing Yourself
18.Fingerprints And Photographs
19.Whistling Dixie
20.Kings Crossing
21.The Shift Change Splits The Street
22.Letting A Good One Go
23.People Are So Fickle
26.Less Yesterday, More Today
27.Like Cursing Kids
28.Blacksheep Boy
29.Me And My Friends
30.Yr Husband
32.Splitting Up Christmas
33.Protest Singer
34.If We Meet Today
35.Write Your Story Now
36.You're My Incentive
37.Flatline Blur
38.You Are The Daybreak
39.Noose Dressed Like A Necklace
40.Funerals and Carnivals (Demo)
41.No One Says You Have To
42.Lovesong (The Cure)
43.Buried By The Buzz
44.Breathe, Breathe Deep - 'Hand Of God' Rmx By Plosive
46.She Stayed as Steam - Live
47.No History
48.Letting a Good One Go - Live
49.Protest Singer - Live
50.Tapdance - Live
51.You're My Incentive - Live
52.Private First Class - Live
53.Another Bag of Bones - Live
54.Smells Like Teen Spirit

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