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Jackie Greene( Greene, Jackie )【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 93 首歌 】
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Back to Birth 英文
1.Silver Lining
2.Now I Can See for Miles
3.A Face Among the Crowd
4.Light Up Your Window
5.Trust Somebody
8.The King Is Dead
9.Where the Downhearted Go
10.You Can't Have Bad Luck All the Time
11.Back to Birth
Till The Light Comes 英文
1.Shaky Ground
2.Stranger In Sand
5.A Moment Of Temporary Color
6.Spooky Tina (提供)
8.Take Me Back In Time (提供)
9.The Holy Land (提供)
10.Till The Light Comes
Rusty Nails 英文
Giving Up the Ghost (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Like a Ball and Chain
2.I Don't Live In a Dream
4.Prayer for Spanish Harlem
Back To Birth: Live In 2016 英文
1.Light Up Your Window (Live)
2.Trust Somebody (Live)
3.Hallelujah (Live)
4.Silver Lining (Live)
5.Motorhome (Live)
6.A Face Among the Crowd (Live)
American Myth 英文
1.Cold Black Devil / 14 Miles
3.I'll Let You In
4.Closer to You
5.When You're Walking Away
6.Never Satisfied (Revisited)
7.Love Song
8.Just as Well
10.Hollywood (Live In 2005)
暂存 英文
1.Sweet Somewhere Bound (live)
2.Love Song; 2:00 AM
3.About Cell Block #9
4.Miss Madeline (3 Ways to Love Her)
5.Honey I Been Thinking About You
6.Write a Letter Home
7.Sweet Somewhere Bound
8.Don't Mind Me, I'm Only Dying Slow
9.Alice on the Rooftop
10.Emily's in Heaven
11.Sad to Say Goodbye
12.Talkin' Midtown Women
13.I Will Never Let You Go
14.Cold Black Devil/14 Miles
15.Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
16.Closer To You
17.A Thing Called Rain
18.I'm So Gone
20.Tell Me Mama, Tell Me Right
21.Maria, Maria (It's a Sin to Tell a Lie)
22.Gypsy Rose
23.Love Me Just A Little, I'm Down Here On My Knees
24.Pale Blue Monday
25.The Red & The Rose
26.Falling Back
27.Freeport Boulevard
28.Down In the Valley Woe
29.Judgement Day
30.The Lord Mistreats Me
31.Gettin' By
32.Mexican Girl
33.The Rusty Nail
34.I've Come Undone
35.So Hard To Find My Way
36.What I Know
37.Gone Wanderin'
38.Waiting for the Whistle
39.Passin' On the Blues
40.I Don't Care About My Baby
41.Seven Jealous Sisters
42.Travelin' Song
43.The Ballad of Sleepy John
44.Don't Let the Devil Take Your Mind
46.Cry Yourself Dry
47.Everything To Me
48.By the Side of the Road, Dressed to Kill
49.Back of My Mind
50.Modern Lives

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