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James McMurtry【 共收藏 13 张专辑, 121 首歌 】
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Complicated Game 英文
1.Copper Canteen
2.You Got To Me (提供)
3.Ain't Got A Place (提供)
4.She Loves Me (提供)
5.How'm I Gonna Find You Now (提供)
6.These Things (提供)
7.Deaver's Crossing (提供)
8.Carlisle's Haul (提供)
9.Forgotten Coast (提供)
10.South Dakota (提供)
11.Long Island Sound
12.Cutter (提供)
Live In Europe 英文
1.Bayou Tortue
2.Freeway View
3.Fraulein O.
4.Hurricane Party
5.Just Us Kids
6.Laredo (提供)
8.Ruby And Carlos
9.Too Long In The Wasteland
10.We Can't Make It Here
11.You'd A' Thought
Where'd You Hide the Body 英文
1.Lost in the Back Yard
4.One More Winter
5.Rachel's Song
6.Fuller Brush Man
7.Off and Running
9.Right Here Now
Walk Between the Raindrops 英文
1.Soda and Salt
2.Airline Agent
4.I Only Want to Talk to You
5.Rex's Blues
Too Long In the Wasteland 英文
1.Song for a Deck Hand's Daughter
3.Shining Eyes
5.I'm Not from Here
6.Crazy Wind
7.Poor Lost Soul
The Man Of Somebody's Dreams: A Tribute To The Songs Of Chris Gaffney 英文
1.Fight (Tonight's The Night) (提供)
Saint Mary of the Woods 英文
1.Dry River
2.Saint Mary of the Woods
3.Red Dress
4.Gone to the Y
Live In Aught-Three 英文
1.Saint Mary of the Woods (Live)
2.Rex's Blues (Live)
3.Fraulein O.
4.No More Buffalo
5.60 Acres
6.Out Here in the Middle
7.Choctaw Bingo
8.Lights of Cheyenne
10.Too Long In the Wasteland (Live)
11.I'm Not from Here (Live)
12.Red Dress (Live)
13.60 Acres (Live)
14.Rachel's Song (Live)
15.Out Here In the Middle (Live)
16.Choctaw Bingo (Live)
17.Lights of Cheyenne (Live)
18.Too Long in the Wasteland
Just Us Kids 英文
1.You'd a Thought (Leonard Cohen Must Die)
2.The Governor
3.Fire Line Road
4.Hurricane Party
5.Freeway View
6.Cheney's Toy
7.God Bless America (pat mAcdonald must die)
8.Just Us Kids
9.Bayou Tortous
10.Ruins of the Realm
It Had to Happen 英文
1.Peter Pan
2.For All I Know
3.Be With Me
4.Wild Man from Borneo
5.Stancliff's Lament
6.Jaws of Life
Childish Things 英文
1.See the Elephant
3.Charlemagne's Home Town
4.The Old Part of Town
5.Six-Year Drought
6.Memorial Day
8.Bad Enough
9.Ole Slew Foot (提供)
10.Holiday (提供)
Candyland 英文
1.Vague Directions
2.Hands Like Rain
4.Don't Waste Away
5.Good Life
6.Save Yourself
7.Safe Side
暂存 英文
1.Down Across the Delaware
2.Every Little Bit Counts
3.Hurricane Party (Live) [Bonus Track]
4.Tired of Walking
6.Walk Between the Raindrops
7.Fast As I Can
8.12 O'Clock Whistle
9.Broken Bed
10.Where'd You Hide the Body
11.Ruins Of The Realm
12.Childish Things
13.You'd A'thought (Leonard Cohen Must Die)
14.Lobo Town
15.Talkin' at the Texaco
16.Out Here In the Middle
17.Gulf Road
18.Sixty Acres
19.Painting by Numbers
20.Ruby & Carlos

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