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Transformation 英文
1.Brave New Worlds (提供)
2.Cosmic Blue (提供)
3.Reboot Re-awaken (提供)
4.Children Of Eve (提供)
5.Safe And Sound (提供)
6.Tour Of Duty (提供)
7.The Love Bomb (Universal Love) (提供)
8.Soldiers Of Life (提供)
9.Heaven On Earth (提供)
Heroes and Villains 英文
1.Digging Up The Dirt
2.I Want You (提供)
3.Somedays I Only Wanna Rock And Roll (提供)
4.Big Brother (提供)
5.Shape I'm In (提供)
6.Call On Me (提供)
8.Fire And rain (提供)
9.Life Is A Highway (提供)
10.You're The Best Thing About Me
11.Walking With Angels (提供)
Futurama 英文
1.Breathe Fire
2.Cold Hearted (提供)
3.Bad Thats Good In You (提供)
4.Preying On My Mind (提供)
5.Closer To Heaven
6.Futurama (提供)
Tuned to Perfection 英文
1.I'm Ready
2.Start it up (提供)
3.All or Nothing
4.Dangerous Ground
5.Hot Wired
6.Take the Money
7.Tattoo Needle
8.Dont Need Nothin (提供)
9.Play Dirty
10.The Thrill of it all (提供)
Surveillance 英文
1.Rocket Roll
2.Orion (提供)
4.Random Harvest
5.Shapes of Things
6.Seventh Heaven
7.Father Time
8.Sofa Back
Rockville 英文
1.tough love (提供)
2.wake up the world (提供)
3.crave (提供) me the way (提供) love bleeds (提供)
6.story of my life (提供)
7.better late than never (提供)
8.crosstown train (提供)
9.goodbye yesterday (提供)
10.high cost of loving (提供)
Rockville II 英文
1.High (提供)
2.Bad Addiction (提供)
3.Guilty (提供)
4.Desolation Station (提供)
5.Runaway Train (提供)
6.Living For The Weekend (提供)
7.Forever And A Day (提供)
8.Paradise Highway (提供)
9.Brother Take Me Home (提供)
10.Last Chance Saloon (提供)
Only Foolin’EP 英文
1.Only Foolin (提供)
2.Rainbow's End (提供)
3.Shot In The Dark (提供)
4.Let Love Be The Leader
5.Don't Stop
6.Does It Feel Like Love
7.Tough It Out
8.Hot Legs (提供)
Wildside EP 英文
1.Does It Feel Like Love (acoustic version)
2.The Dream That Died (live 2009)
3.Other Side of Midnight (live 2009)
4.American Girls (live 2009)
5.Bad Luck (live 2009)
Tough It Out 英文
1.Does It Feel Like Love?
2.Frozen Heart (live)
3.Let Love Be the Leader (live)
4.Feels So Good
5.Can You Hear Me Calling?
7.The Dream That Died
8.Everytime I Think of You
10.Tough It Out
11.Someday (You'll Come Running)
Takin' It To The Streets 英文
1.Bad Blood
2.Crack Alley
3.If It Feels Good (Do It)
4.The Girl's Gone Bad
5.Just Can't Leave Her Alone
6.Dangerous Ground
Paraphernalia 英文
1.Everytime I Think of You (live)
2.Bad Luck (live)
3.Heart of the Matter (live)
Only The Strong: The Very Best of FM 英文
1.Let Love Be the Leader
2.Don't Stop
3.Bad Luck
4.I Heard It Through the Grapevine
5.Only the Strong Survive
Metropolis 英文
1.Metropolis (提供)
2.Over You
3.Days Gone By
4.Bring Back Yesterday
5.Don't Need Nothin'
6.The Extra Mile
7.Who'll Stop The Rain
10.Flamingo Road
12.I Ain't The One
13.Still The Fight Goes On
Indiscreet 英文
1.Let Love Be the Leader - Live at The Marquee
2.Face to Face (live)
3.American Girls (live)
4.Hold on to the Night
5.Hot Wired
6.Heart of the Matter
7.I Belong to the Night
8.Frozen Heart
9.Love Lies Dying
10.Other Side of Midnight
11.That Girl
12.Let Love Be the Leader (Extended Remix)
Black Noise 英文
1.Phasors On Stun
2.One O'Clock Tomorrow
5.Black Noise
暂存 英文
1.Dream Girl
2.Run No More
4.She's No Angel
5.Lost and Found
6.Hollow (Live)
7.Closer to Heaven (acoustic version)
8.Black Magic

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