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Fury In The Slaughterhouse【 共收藏 11 张专辑, 157 首歌 】
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Mono 英文
1.When I'm Dead And Gone
Radio ffn präsentiert: Goodbye and Farewell 2008 英文
1.Jericho (Live)
2.Radio Orchid (Live)
3.Dear Prudence (Live)
4.Bring Me Home (Live)
5.Every Generation Got Its Own Disease (Live)
6.Haunted Head and Heart (Live)
7.Won't Forget These Days (Live)
8.Seconds to Fall (Live)
Pure Live! 英文
1.Revelation (live)
2.Won't Forget These Days
3.Killing Fountains
4.Cut Myself Into Pieces
5.Click Song
6.Won't Forget These Days (live)
7.Cry It Out (live)
8.Bangkok (live)
9.Killing Fountains (live)
10.Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow
Nowhere... Fast! 英文
1.Balm For The Soul
2.Diggin' The Soil
3.Come On
4.Breaking New Ground
5.Everything I Did
1.Creep No. 2
2.Welcome to the Other World
3.Goodbye So Long
4.Candle in Your Window
6.Cigarette After
7.When a Kid Gets a Kid
Monochrome 英文
1.Every Generation
2.Falling Apart
3.Every Generation got it's own disease
4.Things Like This
5.Won't Forget These Days
6.Time to Wonder
7.Boomtown Babylon
8.Vincent & Victoria
9.Angels & Saints
10.Vincent And Victoria
Hooka Hey 英文
2.Anthem of the Handsome Ransom
3.Survival Shake
4.Click Song
6.Suspicious Signs
7.Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow
8.Should Have Known Better
9.Cut Myself Into Pieces
10.Killing Fountains
11.Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow (live) (Bonus Track)
Home Inside 英文
1.Are You Real
2.Hold On
3.Born To Slide Away
4.Calling Cuba
5.Enemy Mine
6.Sixpack Full of Happiness
7.3000 Kisses
8.She's a Star
9.Do You Feel
10.Are You Real?
11.As Quiet
Farewell & Goodbye Tour 2008 英文
1.Cut Myself Into Pieces (Live 2008)
2.Haunted Head and Heart (Live 2008)
3.Cry It Out (Live 2008)
4.Milk and Honey (Live 2008)
5.When I'm Dead and Gone (Live 2008)
6.Time to Wonder (Live 2008)
7.Kiss the Judas (Live 2008)
8.Kick It Out (Live 2008)
9.Won't Forget These Days (Live 2008)
10.Riding On a Dead Horse (Live 2008)
11.Dead Before I Was Born (Live 2008)
12.Down There (Live 2008)
13.Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow (Live 2008)
14.Every Generation Got Its Own Disease (Live 2008)
15.Hang the DJ (Live 2008)
16.Hello and Goodbye (Live 2008)
17.Radio Orchid (Live 2008)
18.Jericho (Live 2008)
19.Then She Said (Live 2008)
20.Dancing In the Sunshine of the Dark (Live 2008)
21.Should Have Known Better (Live 2008)
22.One Good Reason (Live 2008)
23.Bring Me Home (Live 2008)
24.On Alarm (Live 2008)
25.Are You Real (Live 2008)
26.Seconds to Fall (Live 2008)
Brilliant Thieves 英文
1.Don't Slow Down (live)
2.Riding on a Dead Horse (live)
3.My Little World (live)
4.Every Generation Got Its Own Disease (live)
暂存 英文
1.Every Generation Got It's Own Disease
2.Angels & Saints (radio edit)
3.Every Generation (Unreleased Soul remix)
4.As Long As You Believe In Me
6.Money Rules
7.Fly, Sadness Fly
8.Nomansland (demoversion from 1987)
10.La La La La La
11.Don't Dig in My Potatoes
12.Waiting For Paradise
13.Your love won't take me anywhere
14.Down There
15.Dancing In The Sunshine Of The Dark
16.In Your Room
17.Friendly Fire
18.Hang the DJ
20.Won't Forget These Days (extended remix version)
21.Radio Orchid
22.Every Generation Got Its Own Disease
23.Dead Before I Was Born
24.When God Goes Home
25.Grey November Day
26.Rainy April Day
27.Angels And Saints
28.Kill somebody
29.Kiss the judas
30.Hello and goodbye
31.Seconds to fall
33.Sunday Again
34.Haunted head and heart
35.Milk & Honey
36.Frontpage Of The Sun
37.Bar Des Boulistes
38.Can't Remember
39.In Love With A Clown
40.Around My World In 80 Days
41.Rain Will Fall
42.Reality Sucks
43.Afternoon In The Cemetery
44.What About Me
45.Brilliant Thieves
46.One Way Dead End Street
47.American Shame
48.I Feel Fine
49.Romeo And Juliet
50.Turn Around
51.Don't Slow Down
52.In Your Room (Unplugged)
53.When I'm Dead & Gone
54.Stay Clean These Days
55.Down to Atlantis
56.Pure Love
57.Spit Into the Fire
58.In Your Room (Live & Acoustic)
59.Cry It Out (Live & Acoustic)
60.Protection (Live & Acoustic)
61.Things Like This (Live & Acoustic)
62.Bar des Boulistes (Live & Acoustic)
63.Trapped Today, Trapped Tomorrow (Live & Acoustic)

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