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Elliphant【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 58 首歌 】
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Living Life Golden 英文
1.Love Me Badder2.Step Down
Look Like You Love It 英文
1.Look Like You Love It
2.All Or Nothing (feat. Bunji Garlin) (提供)
4.Everything 4 U
5.Only Getting Younger (feat. Skrillex)
6.Booty Killah (feat. The Reef) (提供)
7.Down On Life (London Future Remix) (提供)
Music Is Life (Single) 英文
1.Music Is Life (Single)
A Good Idea 英文
1.Run Far
2.More Fire
3.Boom Your Head
4.Pom Pom
5.Down On Life
6.Want It
7.Pac Man
8.Live Till I Die
9.Could It Be
10.Where Is My Mama At
11.Shoot Me Down
12.Toilet Line Romance
13.Paint the World
14.Music Is Life
One More 英文
1.One More (feat. MØ)
2.One More
3.Purple Light (提供)
4.Never Been In Love
5.Save the Grey
6.You're Gone
7.Look Like You Love It
8.All Or Nothing (提供)
10.Everything 4 U
11.Only Getting Younger (提供)
12.Booty Killah (提供)
13.Down On Life (London Future Remix) (提供)
Elliphant 英文
1.Down On Life
2.Tekkno Scene
3.Make It Juicy
4.In the Jungle
5.Ciant Hear It
6.Ciant Hear It (Jungle Remix)
暂存 英文
1.Never Been In Love (Theodor remix)
2.North Star (Bloody Christmas)
3.Love Me Badder (T Williams Remix)
4.Never Been In Love (Rhapsody Live Session)
5.Revolusion (Rhapsody Live Session)
6.Best People In the World
7.Make a New Breed
8.Pee On Ya Fire
9.Step Down (CRNKN Remix)
11.Spoon Me
12.Hit And Run
13.Living Life Golden
14.One More (Cassian Remix)
15.One More (Rhapsody Live Session)

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