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Dee Dee Bridgewater( 迪·迪·布里姬沃特 )【 共收藏 12 张专辑, 79 首歌 】
迪迪·布里奇沃特(生于1950年5月27日)是美国爵士歌手。 她曾三次获得格莱美奖的创作歌手以及托尼奖得主阶段女演员。 23年来,她是迪尔·布里奇沃特(Dee Dee Bridgewater)的国家公共广播电台联合广播节目JazzSet的主持人。 她是联合国粮食及农业组织大使。
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Midnight Sun 英文
1.Angel Eyes
2.Here I'll Stay
3.I'm A Fool To Want You (提供)
4.L'Hymne A L'Amour
5.Lonely Woman
6.Midnight Sun
7.My Ship
8.Que Reste-t-il?
9.Speak Low
10.The Island
Keeping Tradition 英文
1.What a Little Moonlight Can Do
2.Love Vibrations
3.Sister Sadie
Live In Paris 英文
1.All Blues (Live)
2.On a Clear Day (Live)
3.There Is No Greater Love (Live)
4.How High the Moon (Live)
This Is Dee Dee Bridgewater 英文
1.What a Little Moonlight Can Do (Live)
2.Midnight Sun
3.Song For My Father
4.Nica's Dream
5.Lady Sings the Blues
6.Good Morning Heartache
Midnight Sun (International Version) 英文
1.Midnight Sun - 2011 Remaster
2.Angel Eyes - 2011 Remaster
3.Speak Low - 2011 Remaster
4.The Island - 2011 Remaster
5.Good Morning Heartache - 2011 Remaster
6.Here I'll Stay - 2011 Remaster
Memphis ...Yes, I'm Ready 英文
1.Yes, I'm Ready
2.Going Down Slow
3.Giving Up
Live at Yoshi's (Reissue) 英文
1.What A Little Moonlight Can Do - Live From Yoshi's, Oakland , USA / 1998
2.I'd Like To Get You On A Slow Boat To China - Live (1998/Yoshi's, Oakland)
3.Stairway To The Stars - Live (1998/Yoshi's, Oakland)
4.Midnight Sun - Live (1998/Yoshi's, Oakland)
In Montreux 英文
1.All of Me (Live In Montreux 1990)
2.How Insensitive (Insensatez) (Live In Montreux 1990)
3.Just Friends (Live In Montreux 1990)
4.Strange Fruit (Live In Montreux 1990)
5.Night in Tunisia (Live In Montreux 1990)
6.Strange Fruit
In Montreux (Reissue) 英文
1.All Of Me - Live (1990/Montreux)
2.How Insensitive (Insensatez) - Live (1990/Montreux)
3.Just Friends - Live (1990/Montreux)
4.Strange Fruit - Live (1990/Montreux)
5.Night In Tunisia - Live (1990/Montreux)
In Montreux (Live) 英文
1.All of Me (Live)
2.How Insensitive (Insensatez) [Live]
3.Strange Fruit (Live)
4.Night In Tunisia (Live)
5.Just Friends (Live)
Eleanora Fagan (1915-1959): To Billie With Love From Dee Dee 英文
1.Lady Sings The Blues
2.All Of Me
3.Good Morning Heartache
4.Lover Man
5.You've Changed
6.Miss Brown To You
7.Don't Explain
8.Fine And Mellow
9.Mother's Son-In-Law
10.God Bless The Child
11.A Foggy Day
12.Strange Fruit
暂存 英文
1.Slow Boat To China
2.I'm A Stranger Here Myself
3.Four Women
4.Lonely Woman - 2011 Remaster
5.Lonely Woman (Remastered)
6.Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
7.Alabama Song
8.The Jody Grind
9.Can't We Try Love Again
10.Let's Do It
11.Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
12.Angel of the Night
13.Just One of Those Things
14.Hound Dog

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