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Cindy Church【 共收藏 4 张专辑, 48 首歌 】
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Sad Songs Make Me Happy 英文
1.Autumn Leaves Are Blue (提供)
2.Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain (提供)
3.Till I Get It Right (提供)
4.In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (提供)
5.Home Motel (提供)
6.Miss the Mississippi (提供)
7.This Cold War With You (提供)
8.I Fall in Love Too Easily (提供)
9.If I Could Only Fly (提供)
10.Is It Raining At Your House (提供)
11.Can't Cry Hard Enough (提供)
12.I Wish You Love (提供)
Cindy Church 英文
1.My Baby
2.Whispering Pines
3.Wichita (提供)
4.Bitter Pride (提供)
5.Sweet Dreams of You (提供)
6.The Only Star I See (提供)
7.Wheel of Love (提供)
8.Only Time Can Cure (提供)
9.The Chance You Took With Me (提供)
10.What We Almost Had (提供)
11.What Does She See (提供)
12.Lover Please (提供)
Just a Little Rain 英文
1.Trying to Rope the Wind (提供)
2.Ste. Anne de Bellevue (提供)
3.Fall In the Foothills (提供)
4.Still a Fool (提供)
5.I Gotta Have My Baby Back (提供)
6.Haunted Honky Tonk (提供)
7.Never Got Over You (提供)
8.Tired of Having You Gone (提供)
9.Warrioir In These Days (提供)
10.Sleeping Alone (提供)
11.Radiates (提供)
12.It's Just a Little Rain (提供)
Love On the Range 英文
1.Old Fashioned Love
2.Rockabilly Heart (提供)
3.Road to Home (提供)
4.My Wishing Room (提供)
5.Walking the Dog (提供)
6.Cowgirl's Lullaby (提供)
7.Love On the Range (提供)
8.This October Day (提供)
9.Tonight He's Mine (提供)
10.Maybe We Should Stay Strangers (提供)
11.I Thought We Were Falling In Love (提供)
12.Ride Cowboy Ride (提供)

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