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Trill O.G. 'The Epilogue' 英文
1.The Best Is Back
3.Off Top (提供)
4.Dippin' & Swervin'
5.On One (提供)
6.The Legendary DJ Screw
7.Bye! (提供)
9.No Competition
12.Don't Play with Me (提供)
14.Stop Playin'
Trill 英文
1.I'm A G
3.Who Need A Bitch
4.Get Throwed (Featuring Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jezzy & Jay-Z)
5.I'm a 'G' (Featuring T.I.)
6.I'm Ballin'
Trillionaire (Single) 英文
1.Trillionaire (Single)
Trill O.G. 英文
2.It's Been A Pleasure
3.The Best Is Back
4.All A Dream
6.I Git Down 4 Mine
7.Just Like That
8.Right Now
9.Snow Money
12.Lights, Cameras, Actions
13.Untitled Flow (58 Bars)
14.Real Live
15.Countin Money
16.Ridin' Slow
17.Put It Down
18.Let Em Know
19.No Competition
20.Listen (Skit) (提供)
Trill (Screwed and Chopped) 英文
1.I'm a 'G' (feat. T.I.)
2.Git It (feat. Ying Yang Twins)
3.Retaliation Is a Must (feat. Mddl Fngz)
4.Who Need a B (feat. Too $hort and Juvenile)
5.The Story
6.Pushin (feat. Scarface and Young Jeezy)
7.Trill Recognize Trill (feat. Ludacris)
8.Draped Up (feat. Lil' Keke)
9.I'm Ballin (feat. Jazze Pha)
10.I'm Fresh (feat. Mannie Fresh)
12.The Inauguration
13.What I Represent (UGK)
Trill (Amended) 英文
1.Trill Recognize Trill
3.Hold U Down
4.Git It
5.Retaliation Is a Must
6.I'm Ballin
7.Who Need a 'B'
8.What I Represent
9.Draped Up
No Mixtape (Mixtape) 英文
1.Stupid Trill (提供)
2.Trill Og (提供)
3.2 Damn Trill (提供)
4.Gladiator Snip
5.No Mixtape (提供)
6.Transform Ya (提供)
7.Don't Say Shit
8.I Went In (提供)
9.Adrenaline Rush (提供)
10.2 Dope Boyz (提供)
11.Coocoo (提供)
12.Greatest Of All Times (提供)
13.Mr. Hit That Lick (提供)
14.Press Play (提供)
15.Big Dick Chaney (提供)
16.I Am (提供)
17.I Got Cake (提供)
18.Play Clothes (提供)
19.Bag Music (提供)
20.The Champion (提供)
21.No Mixtape Outro (提供)
22.Pants On The Ground (提供)
23.I Made It (Freestyle)
II Trill 英文
1.Damn I'm Cold
2.II Trill Talk (提供)
3.Trill Talk
4.Get Cha Issue
5.Angel in the Sky
6.Another Soldier
7.If I Die II Night
8.Good II Me
9.Pop It 4 Pimp
10.Swang on Em
11.You're Everything
12.Keep It 100
Countin' Money (Single) 英文
1.Countin' Money (Single)
2 Trill 英文
1.That's Gangsta
2.Damn I'm Cold
3.You're Everything
4.Swang On Em
5.Pop It 4 Pimp
6.Another Soldier
7.Angel In The Sky
8.Keep It 100
9.II Trill
10.I Luv That
11.Good II Me
12.If I Die II Night
13.If It Was Up II Me
14.City Of The Swang
15.Some Hoes
16.My Block
暂存 英文
1.I'm Fresh (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
2.Late Night Creepin
3.Pushin' (Featuring Scarface & Young Jeezy)
4.Know What I'm Sayin
5.Draped Up (Featuring Lil' Keke)
6.Trill Recognize Trill (Featuring Ludacris)
7.Pushin' (Featuring Scarface & Young Jezzy)
8.I'm Ballin' (Featuring Jazze Pha)
9.Grand Finale
10.Get Out the Way (feat. Cory Mo & Statik Selektah)
11.Hold U Down (Featuring Trey Songz, Mike Jones & Baby)
13.Draped Up [h-town mix] (feat. The H-Town All Starz) (Album Version)
14.Draped Up (Radio Version)
15.UGK for Life (intro)
16.One King
17.Git In
18.If I Die 2Nite
19.Pop It for Pimp
20.Let Em Know (Screwed & Chopped)
21.Your Everything
22.I'm Fresh

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