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Anthony B( Keith Blair )【 共收藏 9 张专辑, 134 首歌 】
Keith Blair(1976年3月31日出生,牙买加Trelawny Parish),以舞台名称Anthony B而闻名,是牙买加人的主唱,也是拉斯塔法里运动的成员。
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Unity Vol 1 英文
1.Jah Love (提供)
2.Smoke Free (提供)
3.Dem Ago Suffer (提供)
4.Bad Boy (提供)
5.Love and Affection (提供)
6.Mama (提供)
7.Right Road (提供)
8.Selassie (提供)
10.Giddion (提供)
11.Burn It Down (提供)
12.Searching (提供)
13.Speak of Jah (提供)
14.One Day (提供)
Tribute To Legends 英文
1.Outro (提供)
2.Intro (提供)
3.So Easy So Hard (ft.Zamunda) (提供)
4.Oh Jah Remember I (feat. Fyakin) (提供)
5.Real Situation (Tribute To Bob Marley) (提供)
6.Stepping Razor (Tribute To Peter Tosh) (提供)
7.Imagine (Tribute To John Lennon) (提供)
8.Same Song (Tribute To Israel Vibration) (提供)
9.Pomps And Pride (Tribute To Toots & The Maytals)
10.Trouble You A Trouble Me (Tribute To Ini Kamoze) (提供)
11.Psalm A Day (提供)
12.Suspicious Minds (Tribute To Elvis Presley) (提供)
13.Can't Stop Loving You (Tribute To Ray Charles) (提供)
14.Don't Die To Go To Heaven (提供)
15.Burn Iniquity (提供)
16.Too Boyie-Boyie (Tribute To Sophia George) (提供)
Freedom Fighter 英文
1.Freedom Fighter
2.No One Knows Tomorrow
3.Send The Rain Away (提供)
4.Too Hard (提供)
5.Born To Be Free (提供)
6.Stronger (提供)
7.Same Boat (提供)
8.Beat Dem Bad
9.Light Of Mine (提供)
10.Where To Turn (提供)
11.Defend My Own (提供)
12.Jah Bless Me (提供)
13.Cry Blood (提供)
14.Hail Jah (提供)
15.Caribbean Girl (提供)
16.Throw It Pon Dem (提供)
Universal Struggle 英文
1.Heavy Load
2.Waan Back
That's Life 英文
1.Black Coffee
2.All God's Children
3.Lock the Guns Dem
Seven Seals 英文
1.Hello Mama Africa Remix
2.Hello Mama Africa
3.Cut out that
4.Cover you tracks
5.Me dem fraid of
6.Conquer all
7.Clean up
8.Nah go hide
9.Dem a Question
10.Our father
11.Miracle of love
13.Wicked people
14.You move me
15.Who shoot first
17.Conscious Entertainer
18.Cover Your Tracks
Rasta Love 英文
1.No One Knows Tomorrow
2.Time To Have Fun
3.I'm Sorry (Breaking Your Heart)
4.My Yes & My No
Memories, Vol. 2 英文
1.Raid the Barn (Live At Reggae On the River)
2.Too Much Gun's In Town
3.Member Only (Bonus Track) (Cover)
暂存 英文
1.Fire Pon Rome
2.Swarm Me
3.Cold Feet
5.Raid The Barn
6.World A Reggae Music
7.Raid The Barn - Live Version
8.There's a Reward For Me
9.Love Come Down
10.March Outta Babylon
11.My Yes and My No
13.State of Mind (Remaster)
14.Drop It (Police In Helicopter Riddim)
15.Money Round Here
16.Fight for Freedom
17.Hustlers Anthem
18.Damage (remix)
19.No Ring a Rosie
20.Third Eye Blind
21.Love You Girl
22.I'll Be There
23.One Thing
24.Mr Heartless
25.God Above Everything
26.Family Business
28.Try Hard
30.Someone Loves You (feat. Aisha)
31.Raid di Barn
32.Hurt di Heart
33.Fan Dangles
34.Black Woman
35.Powers of Creation
36.I Understand
37.Rise Up (feat. Taffari)
38.How Do You Feel
39.Reggae Gone Pon Top
41.Smoke Weed Everyday
42.Real Warriors (feat. Turbulence)
43.Can't Take My Eyes off You
44.Tease Her
45.Anthony B
46.Weak In the Knees
48.Respect to Jamaican Dons
49.See It Deh
50.Woman of My Dreams
51.Get You Girl
52.Dance With Me
53.Blood Shed
54.Can't Stop the Fire
55.Not an Easy Road
56.Good Bye Forever
57.Mama (Acoustic Version)

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