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Heifervescent【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 97 首歌 】
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Wake Up Sheepyhead 英文
1.Too Much Information
2.Liberty Girl
3.Head in My Hands
5.Try Again
6.Shut Up and Live
7.Wake Up Sheepyhead
8.Vermillion Red
9.This Is the End
The Glue Factory 英文
3.As Far As the Eye Can See
4.Tripping Touring Taxi
5.Lunar Module
6.Last Drop Loverboy
7.I'm Not Moving Honey
8.What's This All About?
9.Murder in the Garden II
Silent Cavities 英文
1.A Moment of Magic
2.Up Here Down There
3.Wish You Were Here
4.Reaching the Age of Reason
5.The Last Bastion of My Mind
6.Beautiful Silence
7.Every Little Light Will Shine
8.Silent Cavities
9.The Greatest Invention
11.Drunk and Disorderly
Pondlife Fiasco 英文
1.When the Stars Fall from Grace
2.Deep Sea Diver
4.We've Got to Plug You In
5.Stop Following Me
6.It's Coming Together
7.Out of Tune
8.Counting Without Numbers
9.Victim of Crime
Murder in the Garden 英文
1.Bessie's Secret
2.Journey Through the Slugs
3.The Diplomat
5.Someone Just Took Our Babies
6.Where I Once Was
7.They've Got Tanks and Everything
8.Electric Towers
9.Wonderful Thing
10.Murder in the Garden
Logic Decimator 英文
1.Hearts and Minds
3.There's Life, But Not as We Know It
4.Vitamin D
5.Nubian Tree
6.Goats on Fire
7.Freak of Nature
8.Seriously, What's the Rush?
9.Verboten Lexicon
10.Maybe It's Just Me
Little Egg 英文
1.Mondo Bizarro
2.The House That Leaves You Always Wanting More
3.When You're Gone
4.Brightest Light
5.Let This Monkey Go
6.What Animal Are You?
7.Baby Steps
8.Fake Your Art and Die
9.Spend the Day With Me
10.The Great Collapsing Circus
11.Close to You
12.Little Egg
Further Adventures in Monkeyland 英文
1.Seed of Sin
2.The Wooden Attraction
5.Big Mistake
6.Don't Die On Me
7.All the Way to the Pit
8.The Furthest Outpost
9.Figure 8
11.Chase the Vagabonds
12.Closer Than
Evolution Gains Again 英文
1.Fountains of Soul
2.Poisonous Frogs
3.She Buys Souls
5.Joyride the Hearse
7.Unfamiliar Skies
8.Between the Cradle and the Grave
9.Standing High
11.Colder Than the Edge of Space
12.Exit Plan
暂存 英文
1.Tomorrow Is a Lifetime Away
2.Asleep at the Wheel
3.Chased By a Cow

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