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Toehider【 共收藏 6 张专辑, 48 首歌 】
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Whatever Makes You Feel Superior 英文
1.Whatever Makes You Feel Superior (Album Version)2.Whatever Makes You Feel Superior
What Kind of Creature Am I? 英文
2.You and I Both Lose (But 5 Wins)
3.The Thing With Me
4.What Kind of Creature Am I?
5.Spoilt For Choice
6.Under The Future, We Bury The Past
7.Meet the Sloth
The Last Six 英文
1.Do You Believe in Monsters?
2.I Don't Really Know You That Well Yet
3.Give Myself to Science
4.I Can't Help But Follow It
5.Secure Your Load
6.I've Never Had Sex Before What's It Like?
The First Six 英文
1.Toe Hider
2.If You May Kiss a Quistle
3.Here's a Picture
4.Quistle Encounters a Cowbox
5.Another Illustration
6.There and Back
7.The Top Half Did Frown
8.How Counterquistle Lost His Pyjamas
10.....But Mostly Metal (Bonus)
11.Take Your Pick of the Stars
12.This Is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better
13.Suburban Descent - I
14.Malcolm, Dust 'Em
17.Now Fly Away
18.When I Am Laid to Rest
19.Old, Old, Old
20.To See You Again
21.Take Your Pick of Stars
22.It Landed On My Face
23.Lie Still
24.Take It, It's Yours
25.But Mostly Metal
Children of the Sun Part 2: Another Collection of Under-appreciated Cartoon Themes from the 70's, 80's and 90's 英文
1.Danger Mouse
3.Powerpuff Girls (End Theme)
暂存 英文
1.No Not You... You
2.Smash It Out
3.Giants Who Walk With Man
4.It's So Fikkis!

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