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That's Motivation

作词:David Jones

Do you hear what I hear, do you see what I see?
Colin, I want you to use your imagination
Wake up one morning and you ask yourself

Why am I so exciting?
What makes me dramatic?
You're trying to say something about yourself
This dazzling crime of wisdom

You fall for reality
You're bruised and bewildered
Then you learn to fall in love with yourself
That's motivation

You raise yourself high
Presenting your soul
You step from the shadows
You hear the command

An image to dream
You tremble permission
Tomorrow's rewards
Bloody skies of today

Your step out of time
Into life's every dream
A life of such powerful meaning

Now you has class
Now you has splash
Now you has mass motivation

Here's an image I can recommend
Here's a product you will die for
Here's a nightmare that will never end
Get you fired up, burning
Then you go oh oh oh

You know you got something
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You know you got style
We don't take much, just a little bit
That's motivation

Welcome to the world of your dreams, Colin
Where you can be what you want
Commit the horrible sins and get away with it

Lust, gluttony, pride, anger
Sloth, avarice and jealousy

You know you got something
You know you got the style
We don't take much, just a little bit
That's motivation

No more false illusion
Goodbye to confusion
Stand out from the madding crowd
Motivation is symphony

Symphony in style
That's motivation
It's brilliant, original
That's motivation

Scintillating, charismatic
That's motivation
As precious from home
That's motivation

So what? Motivation
Say what? Motivation
New, moti
So, moti

Now you has class motiv
Now you has mass motivation


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