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Lords Of Acid


Lords Of Acid

As I Am

Am I too wild for you baby
Run away if you think you can
You're what I want but you can't face it
I scare you off , think that I'm a tramp
It gets too hot beneath your feat now
Get away, guess you better hide
Don't get too close, cos you might feel it baby
'cause I'm a super kinky gal

Chorus :
I need a friend
I need a lover
I need a man
Who will take me as I am
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You think I'm bad and I got no manners
You're afraid, think that I am mean
I am a sister with a reputation
But you're a fool and I am free
It's just too bad, I should be ashamed now
But I do what I do, with or without you
Don't get too close, cos you might see, my baby
That I'm a super kinky gal



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