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Hillsong United


Hillsong United


You draw our hearts from the shadows
Towards Your horizon
Leaving the shade of the half light
To follow the Son
The city stirs in the twilight
In search of the morning
Street s finding life in the Sunburst
Of Your bright shining love

For the Light has come
And the night cannot understand it
As the world keeps spinning
This hope within us is rising

And like the rising sun
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Wake up Your light in us
And we will shine like grace
As we call on Your Name

And when the day is done
This sound will carry on
Ti l the night folds over
In awe of our Saviour

Like mountains mirror the sunrise
Reflecting Your glory
Might we exhibit Your hope bright
Salvation in us


Hillsong United
1.Freedom We Know
2.Your People Sing Praises
3.Glorify Your Name
4.I Will Love
5.To You Alone
6.Holy, Holy, Holy (Live)
7.You Are / You Are Lord
8.Sing (Your Love)
9.You Are Worthy
10.Here to Eternity
11.The Enemy Has Been Defeated (Shout Unto God)
12.Do What You Say
13.Jesus Won It All
14.Tear Down These Walls
15.In The Mystery
16.Venga Tu Reino
17.Break Free
18.En Nuestro Dios
19.Greatness Of Our God
21.Holy, Holy, Holy
22.The First & The Last
24.B.E. (Instrumental)
25.Dwelling Places
27.Glory To God
28.I Simply Live For You
29.The Ones Who Saves
31.His Glory Appears
32.We The Redeemed
33.For Your Name
35.God One & Only
36.It's Your Love
37.I Will Exalt You
38.Dwell In Your House
39.The Wonder Of Your Love
40.The Desert Song
41.More Than Life
43.Desperate People
44.Where The Love Lasts Forever
45.Came To My Rescue (Be Lifted High)
46.The Time Has Come
47.Fire Fall Down
48.Freedom Is Here / Shout Unto God (Medley) [Live]
49.Nothing But The Blood
50.My Future Decided
52.Every Time
54.Your Spirit
56.My God
57.Prayer To The King
58.I Live For You
59.On The Lord's Day
60.Jesus I Long
62.Freedom Is Here / Shout Unto God
63.Open Up The Heavens
65.Draw Me Closer
66.Perfect King
67.Deeply In Love
68.The Power of Your Love (Trax)
69.The Potter's Hand (High Key without Background Vocals)
70.One Way, Jesus
71.Eagle's Wings (Live)
72.Shout to the Lord (Live)
73.Breathe On Me (Live)
74.That's What We Came Here For (Live)
75.It Is Well With My Soul
76.Wake (Studio Version)
77.Back to Life (Studio Version)
78.Nunca Fallará (Rise) [Live]
79.Rain Down
80.Poderoso Para Salvar (Live)
81.Heaven Knows
82.Age to Age
83.Heart of Worship
84.SUNBURST (修改)
85.*(An Introduction) /The Time Has Come
86.Nothing But The Blood/ Hosanna
87.Where Feet May Fail (HXLY KXSS Remix)
88.Oceans (Son of God Remix)
89.Arise (Bonus)
90.Arise - Bonus Track
91.Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Radio Version)
92.Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) (Edit)
93.Awesome God - Live
94.Freedom Is Here (Live)

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