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Watch Me Die

I lay as this sacrifice to this unholy altar
The evil inside Satan, Satan sit and watch me die
Demented screams, tortured beings
Where's your hope, where's your smile
There was none, life of lies gone, gone no more

So upset, so distraught, I'm sorry
I'm sorry, I live for the Lord
Watch me die no longer I am alive
My purpose no more I live for Christ
Dead to sin, only begin, imagine
What's for soldier of Christ

Changed with a new beginning
Blood of the lamb, white washed sins
Forgive me God for all of these
Years of my transgressions

I cry renewed, I cry renewed
This world means nothing to me
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My life changed I now see crucified with Christ
The old self left with the rest of this world, rest of this world

Kneel before his throne, home now from this journey
I see my father in his arms finally found
This path I have chosen is hard
But I'll make it with my saviors help

I survive this hell till the end I'll stand true
Eternal life, ready for the fight that the evil brings
No giving in I'm free, the fire burns engulfing
All the victims in it's path, no where to run

Over taken they give in to surrender
To the Lord once and for all
No longer keeping quiet, no longer standing still
No longer giving in, no longer going back
I stand strong praying for love always to be in my heart