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The Good Life


The Good Life

Don't Make Love So Hard

You said you're a wreck, you get so upset
You said that you'd ruin everything
The first chance you get
But your chances come day after day
As I drunkenly slander your name
Is it possible you've become fond
Of the lushes that we have become?
Don't make love so hard

You said that's enough
You've been acting so bored
You said it's too much
You can't take anymore
But day after day that I'm gone
You anxiously wait for that call
It's almost as if you would miss me
If I never returned at all
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Don't make love so hard

I sit at the bar, you're off playing pool
Still you keep a close eye
On which girls I've been talking to
But day after day stumbles by
And I've yet to abandon your side
Has jealousy's venomous dart
Poisoned the well of your heart?
Don't make love so hard

La, la, la, la
La, la, la, la
I love you