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Sleigh Bells


Sleigh Bells

Champions of Unrestricted Love

Before you 'How dare you' me, Take a look at yourself
Don't punish me for telling the truth
You're above it, or anyway, it's above you
You try to stay low, low to the ground
But you keep hitting your head on the sun
Which isn't getting any younger
I know it's coming but I don't know where from

And you might be a champion of unrestricted beauty
But so often you fail, and that's nothing to be ashamed of
Remember what you said? What you were so afraid of
You're grinding inside, in pain, but the sparks are bright
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You started to run, you started splitting atoms for fun
You fought in hundreds of wars
You got married, got a divorce
Set your bed on fire, and slept on the floor
Your manic and breathless
Humble, a tyrant, prophetic, all in one sentence, I know
Such is your power I stand
I stand humble, before you,