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Dead To The World:Alive In My Eyes

My love, you lie still in a coma and I'm to blame
I just want your eyes to open for me

How quickly we're at each other's throats, completely meaning with nowhere to go
The more I try to prove what's right, the more we seem to scream and fight
When you sped off in your car, I could feel a pulsing in my heart
Scared to death that I may never see you again
You couldn't see that oncoming car and when you both collided, it drained the light from your eyes

But I can't give up on what we have even though we may never wake up from this nightmare
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If I could rewind time, I'd keep you safe and try to stop you from driving off that night

Too proud to admit when I'm wrong, too afraid to let you know I am crippled without you here
It's eating away at me, I can't sleep, I can't eat 'til your awake and resting right beside me

ed up to machines, dependent for every breath you take
I'll be there when your eyes open, I'm just begging you to wake up
Dead to the world: Alive in my eyes