Back to Birth 歌词 Jackie Greene ※
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Jackie Greene


Jackie Greene

Back to Birth

[Verse 1:]
I remember when you were born
I recall the day
The air was frozen
But you were warm
I guess you're still that way
And by the way
I've known your face
From since the world was young
And you were new
And I'm proud to say
You've walked with grace
And never bowed your shoulder
But you know we all get older

Lay me down for final sleep
Turn the music low
Whisper something I can keep
And back to birth I shall go

[Verse 2:]
I have squandered
And I have saved
That don't matter now
All I need is to be brave
And son you've shown me how
If there's a light I'll find my way
For this is something we're all meant to do
I thank you for this joyous day
With your sisters
And your brothers
I can tell you love each other

Gather round so I may speak
Hear so you may know
I have found all that I seek
So back to birth I must go