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Sound Ideas

Jeep 4x4 Hood Slammed Closed

Got the Gods with me tonight!
Learn your lessons young blood!
I civilize the uncivilized
CNN enterprise, niggas in the prize
I build with the First Born, my mac squeeze
Still bringing back degrees, hustle for hustle
We needin' matching keys
I rest on the best part of the planet
Q.U., my counter top's marble and granite
I learned 120, little niggas earn from me
I trick, recoup while spendin' burnt money
I learned lessons, revolve around mathematics
Fly nigga rock' Louis V designer fabrics
Knowledge of Self, I'm one with the Gods and the Earths
Respect the shooter, 'Pone was a problem at birth
I'm a swiper, ill with the MasterCard
My coke come back white like its Master Fard
Yeah, I don't deal with the PAC math
Plus degrees, First Born get the last laugh

Let me tell you 'bout this knowledge man
Let me take it down in three basic fundamentals man
Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding
Knowledge is to know man
Knowledge is the Black man
Knowledge is the foundation of everything in existence
Knowledge means to listen, observe and also respect
You gotta respect these lessons!
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Bringing the Gods back
We're try'na save some lives
Especially our babies, save the 85s
A civilized man's main goal is to teach
Where'd the Father start? He started in the streets!

Yo you lose plus I got the ill street blues
Fuckin' red bottoms get you shot in your shoes
This is alcohol lyrics, paraphernalia flow
Grown man bars, iPhone stereo
Have you not heard your word is your bond
And your bond is your life
I sacrifice, civilized, touch nobody's wife
Still be rollin' dice, while you was praisin' fat cats in the 'jects
I would study 'bout the Father, build 'bout Clarence X
Sodom Gomorrah, you dudes the same sex
I used to be outer space like a comet
And drink Smirnoff till I vomit
Woke up in the East and payed homage
About to change my name to Salaam N.O.R.E. Muhammad
What happened? We're supposed to be the Holy City
Bartendaz got me joggin' through the Holy City
So mind up, this is combat for brain waves
Most of y'all won't understand since you're brain slaves