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Sound Ideas


Sound Ideas

Rain, heavy, traffic

no weapons and no magic
let the rap battle begin
I'm Katniss and I can't miss I'm fastest you can't catch this
make a last wish gonna need three cannons for that hat trick
so sick of your shtick all I do is win you nitpick
that's why I'm a hero and you're just a sidekick
pathetic and predictable I'm hot on your trail
coulda have a Victor but you chose ginger fail?
I bet with wands drawn he's just a yawn with performances worse than Michael Gambon
got a Nimbus up your butt? well let's probe deeper
never played quidditch but you know I'm a keeper
you must be drunk on butterbeer now grab a cloak and disappear
who wants to kick this witch's ass? Hm I volunteer!
Oh there be no trouble couse on stage you struggle
I'll be charming and disarming while I waste this rubbish Muggle
I'll end this blasted skrewt propaganda prostitute who thinks she's so cute with the Girl Scout salute
just a tribute can't decide which guy's sweeter
share your bread with Gale then stuff your mouth with Peeta
how does it help the poor to start civil war? your story's bore why don't you plagiarize more?
it's been done before ask Dumbledore it's Battle Royale set in 1984
and furthermore if you're keeping score that's five more points for Gryffindor!
I'll drill the dentists' daughter here in her alma mater bout to slaughter this otter even Potter knows I'm hotter
I stomp career jocks kick your British buttocks
for this Riddle second fiddle you're a Watson to his Sherlock
turn back the clocks tick tock tick tock
odds ever in my favour cause you rap like an Avox
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shock the mic like a wire you'll fry and die on pyre cause you're gonna get burned by girl on fire!
on fire? oh! just like your dad or hospital you visited to film a quick ad
I've got a cortex to ace my subjects I've got a bad blood while you run with rejects
these coalminer rednecks need reality checks
you're just another pawn in a military complex
fashion figurehead for the underfed
brilliant you survived but Rue's still dead
the difference between you and me is book knowledge and street smart
step to the Mockingjay you'll end with the scar marks
it's like you're hijacked your mental delirious
we find it funny but you're dead Sirius
I'm the pro with a bow and the flow to overthrow
mr Snow and his whole freaking reality show
little miss perfect though what's truly twisted
on your parents' happiest day they forgot you existed
I bust bars like Haymitch the smartest witch I own this bitch
hey how are you still hungry in that beefcake sandwich?
fraud wedding fake baby and your flames don't exist
so called star-crossed lover need a camera to kiss
I sling unforgettable verses like unforgivable courses
what's worse is your universe isn't immersive
your glory's only temporary your country is a mortonary next to your itinerary
kill yourself eat the berries


Sound Ideas
1.12 Gauge Shotgun Firing One Shell 4
2.Single Pool or Billiards Bank Shot with Ball Sinking in Pocket 2
3.Opening a Glass Beer Bottle & Pour into Drinking Glass
4.Chevy Blazer Starts & Accelerates Quickly to a High Speed, From Exhaust
5.Large Outdoor Concert Crowd 3
6.Chevy Suburban, Internal Perspective: Parking Brake Disengaged
7.Turning on Police Flashlight
8.Supernatural Ghost Wind
9.Rhythmic Spoon Accent
10.Single Hit from a Vintage Construction Hammer on a Nail
11.Olden Wooden Door Being Closed
12.9mm Handgun Fires Single Shot
13.Crowd, Indoor Medium Crowd, Train Station, General Ambience
14.Fireworks One Large Explosion, Crowd
15.Clock, Grandfather Winchester Chime - Strike One O'clock
17.Rain, heavy, traffic (修改)
18.Medium Traffic, Stop and Go, Pedestrians
19.Zipper x 5
20.Residential Residential: Birds, Dogs, Traffic, Plane, Ambience
21.Country, Day General Ambience: Birds, Insects, Horses, Farm Tractor
22.Belgium, Bank Ambience with Busy Crowd Noise, Recorded from a Close Perspective
23.Cadillac Sedan, Internal Perspective: Door Locked & Key Removed
24.1955 Packard, Internal Perspective: Parking Brake Disengaged
25.Buick Lesabre Hood Closed
26.Buick Lesabre, Internal Perspective: Hood Opened
27.Nissan Pathfinder Starts & Accelerates Quickly to a Medium Speed
28.Wolf Howling at a Full Moon
29.Police Siren Approach And Pass
30.Impact, Large Heavy Metallic#4
31.Tuba Plays an Elephant Type Call Accent
32.Laughing Accent Played on a Tuba
33.Medieval Battle Axe Scrape Against Plate Mail Armour
34.Medieval Ballista Bolt Impact on Plate Mail Armour
35.F-100 Jet Fighter Canopy Closes
36.Large Barn Door on Blacksmith Shop Closed
37.Low Bumping Electric Bass Accent
38.Low Note Slide Down on an Acoustic Bass
39.Ford Crown Victoria Drives at High Speed, Skids to a Stop, Idles & Shuts off, From Exhaust
40.Three Masted Schooner, On Board: Heavy Wind Through Sails with Wake Splash
41.Whale Sprays Air & Water Through Blowhole
42.Jalopy Manual Door Lock Released
43.Chevy S 10, Internal Perspective: Door Unlocked
44.Pinball Machine Resets
45.1938 Chevy Coupe Window Rolled Up
46.1938 Chevy Coupe, Internal Perspective: Parking Brake Released
47.Chevy Caprice Starts, Idles & Accelerates Quickly to a High Speed with Tire Squeal from Right
48.Chevy Caprice Starts & Accelerates Quickly to a High Speed, From Exhaust
49.1956 Chevy Belair, Internal Perspective: Door Locked Slowly with Key
50.Metal Wall Safe: Open and Close Door Latch
51.Dodge Neon, Internal Perspective: Door Unlocked
52.Incoming Missile or Rocket 1
53.Jeep Grand Cherokee Accelerates Normally to a Slow Speed & Slows to a Stop in Gravel
54.Fire Engine Compartment Door Closes
55.Fibreglass Canoe with a Single Paddler, On Board: Pull onto Shore & Step out of Canoe
56.Light Double Curling Rock Impact 2
57.Truck, Land Rover, Range Rover SUV, Ext
58.Steam Train Travelling at Medium Speed with Wheels Clacking Trains
59.Auto Window Scraper Scrapes Hard Snow and Ice off Windshield
60.Large Cannon Fires a Single Blast with No Trail
61.15.5 Field Howitzer Firing
62.1899 Antique Mills Upright Slot Machine: Pull Handle
63.Ferrari Testarossa, Internal Perspective: Door Closes
64.Castle Door Latches Shut
65.Right on Target Zinger with Tail
66.Surprise Zap
67.Heavy Metal Tumbling Impact
68.Large Crowd in Airport Terminal
69.Egyptian Airport Pa Announcements in Arabic and English
70.Falling in Space Whoosh
71.Rapid Three Shot Bursts from a Small Laser Gun
72.Tennis Outdoor: Two Players Rallying
73.Airplane, Jet A-320: Ext: Take Off 2
74.Airplane, Jet Ext: Pull Away From Terminal
75.Motorcycle, Honda 650 Approach, Pass By, Slow Speed
76.1964 Antique Rotary Telephone Dialling Eleven Numbers
77.Sci Fi Beeps & Bloops
78.Drawer Closes on 1930 Antique Cash Register
79.Budapest, Hungary, Heavy City Traffic, Constant Flow
80.Auto Body Impact from Large Crash
81.Women's Thin High Heel Shoes Take Slow Steps on Open Wood Slat Stairs
82.Men's Heavy Business Shoes Walk at Fast Pace on Concrete Floor
83.Single Volley from a Musket Regiment
84.Voice Like Synth Drone in Key of C#
85.Field Howitzer Cannon Fires 3 Shots
86.Vintage Zenith Television, Circa 1950, Turned on with Hum and Snow Static
87.Heavy Crunchy Metal Footstep Impact
88.Whooshing Spaceship Fly By
89.Short Panting from Medium Dog
90.F-14 Jet Arrested Landing with Short Approach on Aircraft Carrier
91.Wall Impact and Tears During Home Demolition
92.Heavy Crane in Wrecking Yard Drops Car to Ground
93.Small Military Grenade Blast Explosion
94.Large Battle Cruiser Spaceship Passes by at Slow Speed
95.Car Skids, Crashes & Explodes
96.Large Gold Coin Dropped on Hard Floor 1
97.Car, Ford Escort Extended Reverse Up Fast From Rear, Stop, Idle, Shut Off