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Sound Ideas


Sound Ideas

Large Barn Door on Blacksmith Shop Closed

Drop a sleep with a spliff inna me hand
Me never know say the weed light
Hold on nuh
One rass inna di middle a di night
Mummy bawl out Jesus Christ
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Ryno me run bottle caah cork
And me hotter dan fast sparks when a glass
Weed ever deh yah but the grabba short staff
Syvia lungs is a muffler di truck a drive pass
We a puff smoke puff smoke
Dis we a bun smoke
Like when a old van a try start
Mad Suss liquor spil better get a dry claat
Humbre you nuh see say you higher than a eye
Me see the food but me appitie loss
Me a search fi di grabba give you mother dry
The one me a look have a pepper like sauce
Prince Pin say nuh worry me a get it my boss
Alright hold a clarks and a couple high marks
And a bike from the boss
Any weh you fly fass
But a which fool das say dem ago buy crack
You alone ago go me nuh do suicide march
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Hear wah, dem a wonder wah somke up the
High grade me a blaze man lost inna space
Look how me spliff longer dan a shoes lace
Wid the grabba inna it hotter dan a tooth ache
Look and circle every weed base
Don't get a grand bag get a suit case
As one spliff done,
one ready fi replace
Beg you den call fire brigade a fi face
Me a smoke till me feel fi drop down
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More smoke than when you light ewarton dump
Doctor say the way my lungs black
Me fi start use neprozone gel fi me lungs
Noboy nuh smoke weed like me
A me help keep the sky cloudy
Tru me lock up inna me house a smoke all day
Me neighbors outside dem a say
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Newland a soh we run portmore
Di highest a di highest a soh the team smoke
Farrell say addi you mussi have four nose
Cause you trump smoke more than a coal
A di same ting a Pen G Park Watson Grove
Get a rizzla me light up red rose
Weed me a wrap not a rapper like hove
Light up the grades nah stand up and pose
We a puff smoke puff smoke
Dis we a bun smoke
Like when Christmas a get close
Fire Key ever deh yah so we never off coast
Have you ever see a man fly pon a passport
Dah new weed yah nuh get inna no store
We a smoke from seven till something pass
Me hear when a truck pull up
And a fireman a say. open the door
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung
Di house a bun dung
Bun dung
Di house a dung dung
Bun dung


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