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Fats Domino


Fats Domino

Walking to New Orleans

作词:Dave Bartholomew, Antoine Domino, R Guidry

This time I'm walkin' to New Orleans
I'm walkin' to New Orleans
I'm going to need two pair of shoes
When I get through walkin' me blues
When I get back to New Orleans

I've got my suitcase in my hand
Now, ain't that a shame
I'm leavin' here today
Yes, I'm goin' back home to stay
Yes, I'm walkin' to New Orleans

You used to be my honey
Till you spent all my money
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No use for you to cry
I'll see you bye and bye
'Cause I'm walkin' to New Orleans

I've got no time for talkin'
I've got to keep on walkin'
New Orleans is my home
That's the reason while I'm gone
Yes, I'm walkin' to New Orleans

I'm walkin' to New Orleans
I'm walkin' to New Orleans
I'm walkin' to New Orleans


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