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City Of Ifa


City Of Ifa

Beach Demon

Clean the fire out
There wasn't time to describe
Massacres that occurred before we knew this shit life

It's only tragic if you know we know we know
It's only natural for wives to walk away
Today's got a dirty hard on

There's something wrong with you
Found it in myself,
So I love you too.

Dirty interest lies
Behind the rat king
Were all of us dead?
Or is this a dream?
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It's never taken but a bit of time to feel
That wound's weeping like a whore in ten-inch heels

Here at the end of it all
I feel I am below it
The whole worlds fucking over it
Love will bring you somewhere,
Not saying I'll be there.

Broken, coinciding with the only way out
We're still outnumbered by our own species

I'm just bones in a box.