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77 Bombay Street


77 Bombay Street


tell me where to go tonight
i'm walkingdown a lonely row of lights
i'm whispering to apicture on my phone
and it's you i'mwaiting for
i'm sitting on a sidewalk and i grow myhair
it's only five o'clock and i can't see youanywhere
i wonder if the doves will ever know that i miss you
i hear them talking in the street
how canyou feel the way you feel
with all those voices crashing
down on me and you
i feel it swirling throughthe air
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how can you say that i don't care
it's just thisthought i cannot bear
but i feel it in my soul
and i need an angel today
it's got a scent of living in the dust youknow
and it feels like waiting for a bus you know
but you don't really care 'bout those things doyou
well it's not written in a book
you just pretendyou eat what you cook
and then youturn around and say are you feeling good today