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Alexander Dreamer


Alexander Dreamer

Freedom of Speech

I'm killin' you niggaz ,
She then told me she ain't feelin' you niggaz
The band called and told me he got me whenever
Shout,shout it now,we got it together
I got you forever
Yup,feel the pressure,but it's all good
Carry the confidence...
Carry the lessons the very second I once took
Thought at this moment in time...
As if it's my time,go ahead and check the rest
Shit,that bitch might shy
Take a sit,and it's wripped,darlin' here we climb
Enjoy the breeze as we speed through this world,you're mine
Darlin',the world is mine ,let me take you through the streets which your key desires
No side,Columbus ,the hustle's ...
Well you can see the pain and the hustle in his eyes
It ain't no love in the city,I used to wonder how come?
Now I scream fuck it,this production is the outcome
There's a couple of niggaz in the city that I'm proud of
Lady.I've been tryin' to see you ...
I never asked for a verse,no request from the hood
Then neither an... they're just expectin' to look
Straight before the hater may overshadow the hood
Now put the vest out
You all want me to catch you with your chest out
Hidin' the killer ,but don't push me,nigga
I am what I am,do we all ...
This is way bigger than me,I'm just playin' a smart part
See the vanity makes it hard
I'm just a man of word ,prisoner inside the bars
Feelin' free as it gets

Begin' on my chest,came ...
Let go of my breath,prayin' cross lanes crossin' the cross
Hangin' from my neck
Save a nigga's neck,no shame in my ... better than the rest
Blessed on the roads of success and in order to succeed I'll ...
I confess,I ...,I'm a mess
Some days all I see is a check, and not respect
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I couldn't give 2 fucks how you feel about it
...Though I'm pretty damn close and I'm still without it
I find it takes a believer to be an achiever
I believe I'm the king for the queen Latifah
Self-esteem getting' me ,I know I'm the man
I'm still followin' the dream ,believin'in the plan
They're ... on my cash
...these niggaz hate it the way I made it through the stress
Seein' that I'm blessed
And I ain't even ...
I told my brother Call Ima beat the fuckin' bastard
Even if it means comin' for his neck
See.recently I found that is nice to play nice and to be light
I would rather be viewed as a threat
Check for a nigga like you lost some ,boy
That's a motivation,it ain't cost nothing for
And it's all love even when it's hate
The same way it's fucked up even when it's straight

Dancin' off beat,I've been dancin' off beat
I mean no trippin' hand me that drink
Today I don't even know how to spare
These days I ain't even know how to ...
All these great ideas that I begin
Then I begin to forget that everybody pretends
That they believe in who they are
Man,I believe it's gone too far
You probably make music just to play it in my car
Another year down and I haven't gone far
Money wants an album and I provide an outcome
Most niggaz I know would probably die for an answer
Confused and naïve I said :what?how was it?
Playin't with the majors on a money lead budget
And my buddies lovin' hard
All men die before all men come