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Dr. Yen Lo


Dr. Yen Lo

Day 0

监制:DJ Preservation

[Hook 2x]
It's a new crop, we the crème though
On their downswing we crescendo
Blood, blood, blood what the pen flow
To clear your haze, here some days with Yen Lo

Was bopping through every possible obstacle
My options grew until the cops pursue
But I'm here to win they can't stop the flu
All the kids napped, you was hostage too
If you don't dig me it's no biggie I'ma keep the faith
Streets be laced, it's a decent pace for a steeplechase
Evil days the most peligro ways to reach a safe
Aso bloody, in the study we a peaceful race
Wild plays, foul ways, blamming with the cannon
Strayed that's how I stayed, standing in the famine
Whenever in doubt the first one to get it out
Thought cursed, till I ain't die of thirst in the drought
Here they quick to shoot you, my movie vague
Of course I'm sick. I was living through the plague
Distraught talk of when I stalked as peasant
Still hot-headed from when I walked the desert
Every step I had to rep, no thought was pleasant
Used to eat off of bird, now I'm off the pheasant
It's great to hold your own weight, no kickstand
A big man could pull hisself out that quicksand

Blood, blood, blood
Is what the pen flow (pen flow)
It's a new crop. We the crème though
To clear your haze here some days with Yen Lo