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Flash of Despair

Flash Of Despair

horizon merges in your eyes
horizon blurred and so restricted!
an attack!
of your own lessons from all sides
how to defeat,
beat that probing questions
you got a hit in your covering!
reeling, shaking covering

flash of despair
flash of despair

and, time runs towards you
the waves break
stability starts fading
splitting in your facade
what's up with your defence?
suspect of harm,
claims pallid!

you're claims so small!

and Silence is destructive
is there a chance for an escape
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a chance get stronger
to draw new strength
victory, defeat
aims endangered
there is only black or white!
and your measures are right
please! let it allright

flash of despair
flash of despair

and routine is your best friend now
depend on the simple things
searching for another hold
seeking for consolidation
all away, get out!
your trump card is ignorance
surrounded by the cold
fall in love with that situations

ramble on intimate trails
for years, you are sick here

but didn't change everything
did'nt change everything