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Black Omen


Black Omen

Elegy of Infernal Angels

Angels always deserve to die
In the dark corridors of my soul is running out the hatred from it's chains!
The corpse reek of the dying child in me surrounds everywhere!
The scream of the storms breaking out from dead seas
Plunder the nature by bringing black rain
When Pure Darkness Covers False World Of Light
Night creatures asleep trigger the lonely chaos
The agony act of death's melodramatic ceremony
Again plays the tragedy. The sun rises with it's lies everyday
But my darkness will one day eradicate all these
Daylight aggravates all my pain with it's lies
All these will vanish with light one day
You the blind! Do you know the beauty of darkness?
The holy innocence of the stars
You can't feel the eternal peace in nature
Vanish with your lies!