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Lo Key

Lets Get Violent

You will never know the violence inside my sick brain
Angels with the violins leave em' with slit veins
You'll be fuckin' spineless with a squished brain
What I contain is like a virus, 666 on my wrist to predict pain
Burn off your eyes lids with a bottle of bleach
Now you can't see, its impossible to sleep
Bout to recive the D, ill fuck your corpse in the back of my jeep
Hot as hell can you handle the heat? vocal cords ripped, you can't speak
Its the purge better grab your knifes and shotty's
Blood stains on the curb, no-one survives bunch o' dead bodies
Go to the church, set it alight, piss on the holy water and have a party
I'm the defintion of eternal insanity
See ill happily kill your family and hang em' from my balcony
And ill thankfully drain your sanity while your screaming in agony
Rippin' out your guts with no strategy, (FATALITY)